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ACCVArmoured Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
ACVAcquisition and Command Vehicle
AcVAcquisition View(s)
ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVArmoured Cannon Vehicle
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Technology Programme
ACVTArmoured Combat Vehicle Tracked
ALCVArmoured Land-mine Clearing Vehicle
AWCCVAdvanced Weapons Carriage Configured Vehicle
BOCVBattery Operations Centre Vehicle
CAT/LCVCombined Arms Team / Lightweight Combat Vehicle
CCVClose Combat Vehicle
CCVControl Configured Vehicle
CCV-LClose Combat Vehicle Light
CUCVCommercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
CVAircraft Carrier
CVCombat Vehicles
CVComponent Valve
CVCrypto Variable
CVCryptographic Variable
CVCurriculum Vitae
CV (F)Carrier Vessel (Future)
CV(F)Carrier Vessel (Future)
CV(F)Future Aircraft Carrier
CV(S)Carrier Vessel (anti-Submarine)
CVASTCombat Vehicle Armament System Technology
CVBGAircraft Carrier Battle Group
CVCCombat Vehicle Crewman
CVC2Combat Vehicle Command and Control programme
CVCCCombat Vehicle Command and Control System
CVCPCommittee of Vice Chancellors and Principals
CVDCapable Vessel Days
CVDCentral Vehicle Depot
CVDChemical Vapour Deposition
CVFCarrier Vehicular Future
CVLCorrelation Velocity Log
CVMCentralised Voice Messaging
CVMControl Virtual Machine
CVNNuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
CVNScontinuous visual navigation system
CVRCockpit Voice Recorder
CVRControlled Values Repository
CVR(T)Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)
CVR(W)Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled)
CVRDECombat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
CVROSCompact Video Rate Optical Scanner
CVSAircraft Carrier
CVSAircraft Carrier (Small)
CVSAircraft Carrier ASW
CVSAnti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier
CVSCarrier Vertical Strike
CVSCarrier Vertical Strike (was CAHN)
CVSComputer Vision Syndrome
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
CVSOCommand Visual Safety Officer (for live firings)
CVTControlled Variable Time
CVTTSCombat Vehicle Thermal Targeting System
CVWCarrier air wing (US Navy)
CVwCrypto Variable of the week
CVXCarrier Vessel (US)
FCCVSFuture Close-Combat Vehicle System
FDCVFire Direction Centre Vehicle
FSCVFire Support Combat Vehicle
HACVHeavy Armament Combat Vehicle
ICVInfantry Combat Vehicle
LCVLow-Cost Visual
LCVPLanding Craft Vehicles and Personnel
MCVMechanised Combat Vehicle
MICVMechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle
NCVQNational Council for Vocational Qualifications
TCVTank Cleaning Vessel
TCVTroop Carrying Vehicle
ACVArmoured Command Vehicle
CVCombat Vehicles
CVDCentral Vehicle Depot
CVRTCombat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
CVRWCombat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled
TCVTroop Carrying Vehicle

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