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ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACOS(AV)Assistant Chief of Staff (Aviation) RN
ACOS(CIS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACOS(M&D)Assistant Chief of Staff (Medical & Dental)
ACOS(OPS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)
ACOS(P&S)Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Support)
ACOS(POL)Assistant Chief of Staff (Policy)
ACOS(W)Assistant Chief of Staff (Warfare)
ACOSTAdvisory Committee on Science and Technology
ACTCOSTActivity Cost Analysis
AVICOSAvailable In Course Of Supply
CACOS?Computer Aided Cable Optimisation System
COSChief of Staff
COSChiefs of Staff
COSCompany Operating System
COSContracted Out Services
COS(T)Chief of Staff Transformation
COS2SLChief of Staff to Second Sea Lord
COSAGCombined Steam And Gas Turbine
COSALXCompressable Stability Analysis (version X)
COSCChief of Staff Committee
COSECommon Open Systems or Software Environment
COSHHControl Of Substances Hazardous to Health
COSMICCombat Systems Multi-format Information Centre
COSPARCommittee for Space Research
COSSACSComputerised Stock Segregation and Control System
COSSECChief of Staff Secretariat
COSSECChief(s) of Staff Secretariat
COSSHEControl of Substance Hazardous to Health & The Environment
COSTINDCommission of Science Technology and Industry
COSUTCertificate Of Safety Under Test
COSYSCombat System
DACOSDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff
DCOSDeputy Chief of Staff
ECOSEnvironmental Consultancy Services Ltd
ESCOsEnergy Services Companies
FARCOSFast Adaptive HF Radio Communication System
FOCOSFoam Overhead Cover Support System
INCOSEInternational Council on Systems Engineering
LCOSSLead Computing Optical Sight System
LECOSLight Electronic Control System
MICOSMultifunctional Infra-red Coherent Optical Scanner
MORCOSMortar Computing System
NACOSANATO Communications Organisation Support Agency
NaRCoSiSNaval Radar Computer Simulation Suite
NCCOSCNaval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Centre
SCOSERStanding Committee On Submarine Escape & Rescue
CoSChief of Staff

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