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ACASAdvisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACASAirborne/Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
ACASAirfield Chemical Alarm System
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff
ACASAssistant Chief of the Air Staff (2* post)
ACASTAdvisory Committee on the Application of Science and Technology
AFCASAutomatic Flight Control Augmentation System
AGCASAssociation of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
CASCalibrated Air Speed
CASCasualty Assessment System
CASChief of the Air Staff
CASClose Air Support
CASCollision Avoidance System
CASCombat Advice System
CASCombined Antenna System
CASCommunicating Applications Specification
CASContract Administration Service
CASCost Account Standards
CASCost Allocation Statement
CASCost Assurance Service
CASCrisis Action System
CASAPCanadian Submarine Acquisition Programme
CASCCustomer Assured Service Centre
CASCADClose Air Support Cargo Dispenser
CASCADEComputer Assistance to the Scaling and Cataloguing
CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command
CASCOMEXClose Air Support Communications Exercise
CASEChief Above water Systems Executive
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
CASEComputer Assisted Software Engineering
CASEComputer-Aided Software Engineering
CASEVACCasualty Evacuation
CASEXCombined Anti-Submarine Exercise
CASEXCo-ordinated Anti-Submarine Exercise
CASFComposite Air Strike Force
CASHCIS Assistance for Headquarters
CASHCommand and Control Communications and Information
CASHComputer Assistance for Support Headquarters
CASHComputer Assistance to Subordinate HQs
CASMCESG Architecture for Secure Messaging
CASMConventional Arms Stand-off Missile
CASOMConventional Air-launched Stand-Off Missile
CASOMConventionally Armed Stand-Off Missile
CASPCoordinated Air/Sea Procedures
CASPCoordinated Air-Sea Procedures
CASREPCasualty Report
CASSCamouflage Support System
CASSChannel Associated Signalling System
CASSClose Air Support System
CASSCommand Active Sonobuoy System
CASSConsolidated Automatic Support System
CASSCrypto And Secure Systems IPT
CASTCanadian Air-Sea Transportable Brigade
CASTCombined Arms Staff Trainer
CASTCommand And Staff Trainer
CASTComputer Aided Software Testing
CASTComputer Assisted Supervision of Transmission
CASTComputer-Aided Search Technique
CASTConventional Armament Study Team
CASTConventional Armaments Study Team
CASTEComputer Aided Stock Taking – Enhancements
CASTORCorps Air-borne Stand-Off Radar
CASUCompact Air Supply Unit
CASWSClose Air Support Weapon System
CROWCASSCriminals of War Commission
DCACASData Collection Analysis and Corrective Action System
DICASSDirectional Command Active Sonobuoy System
DISCASDepot Integrated Storage Control and Accounting System. Replaces former
DRACASData Recording And Corrective Action System
DRACASData Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
ECASElectronic Chemical Agent Alarm System
EICASEngine Indication and Crew Alerting System
ELCASElevated Causeway
FASCASMFamily of Scatterable Mines
FOCASFibre Optical Communications for Aerospace Systems
FOCASFlag Officer Carrier or Amphibious Ships
FOCASFlag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships
FRACASFailure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action
FSA/CASFuel Savings Advisory and Cockpit Avionics System
kcasKnots Calibrated Air Speed
LCASLight Close Air Support
LICASLow Intensity Conflict Aircraft System
MCASMachinery Control And Surveillance
MTCASMarine Corps Tactical Command And Control System
PCASPersistent Chemical Agent Stimulant
SCASStability and Control Augmentation System
TCASTraffic Collision Avoidance System
TCASTraining Course Admin System
TEACASEThermal Effects on Airborne Conventional Armament Stores and Equipment
UCASUniversities and Colleges Admission Service for the UK
CasevacCasualty Evacuation

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