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ACWAdjusted Charge Weight
ACWARAgile Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ACWSAdvanced Colour Work Station
AGCWAutonomous Guidance for Conventional Weapons
AGCWAutonomously Guided Conventional Weapon
BCWBinary Chemical Warhead
BCWDBiological and Chemical Weapon Disposal
CCWController and Communications Workstation
ccwcounter clockwise
CCWACCINO Conventional Weapon Accident Committee
CCWEACharge Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer
CCWEACharge Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer
CCWEA(AD/WD)Charge Chief Weapon Engineering Artificer (Action
CINCWESTLANTC in C Western Atlantic Area
CINCWESTLANTCommander-in-Chief Western Atlantic
CSCWComputer Supported Co-operative Working
CSCWComputer-Supported Co-operative Working
CWCarrier Wave
CWChemical Warfare
CWChemical Weapons
CWChilled Water
CWContinuous Wave
CWConventional Weapon
CWCore Works
CWARContinuous Wave Acquisition Radar
CWARFConventional Weapon Accident Response Facility
CWAsCommon Weak Areas
CWCChemical Weapons Convention
CWCDChemical Weapons and Civil Defence
CWCSCommon Weapons Control System
CWDChemical Warfare Defence
CWDDChemical Warfare Directional Detector
CWDDContinuous Wave Deuterium Demonstrator
CWEM(O/R)CPO Weapons Engineering Mechanic(Ordnance or Radar)
CWFMContinuous Wave Frequency Modulation
CWFTCompulsory Withdrawal From Training
CWGCapability Working Group
CWGCustomer Working Group (formerly Customer Focus Group)
CWIConstant Wave Illumination (radar)
CWIConventional Weapon Incident
CWIDContinuous Wave Identification
CWILLContinuous Wave Illuminating Radar
CWIRSComponent Work Inspection Record Sheet
CWISClose In Weapon System
CWLSSConventional Weapons Logistics Support Study
CWPCentral Warning Panel
CWPCentralised Warning Panel
CWPContractors Working Party
CWRContinuous Wave Radar
CWSCentral Warning System
CWSCollision Warning System
CWSCommon Weapon Sight
CWSComputerised Work Station
CWSContainer Weapon System
CWSCo-ordination and Weapon System
CWSCoupler Warehouse System
CWSCupola Weapon Station
CWTACaptain Weapon Trials & Acceptance
CWTACaptain Weapons Trials and Acceptance
CWWCruciform Wing Weapon
DCWDigital Chart of the World
DICWADefence Industries Council of Western Australia
ECWElectronic Combat Wing
ECWEquivalent Constant Wind
ES CWGEnabling Services Capability Working Group
FACCWGFuture Air Command and Control Working Group
FACCWGFuture Air Control Centre Working Group
FEFCWFurther Education Funding Council for Wales
FII CWGFixed Information Infrastructure Capability Working Group
FMCWFrequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FMICWFrequency Modulated Interrupted Continuous Wave
FRCWRFOST Return Call Walk Round
GCWGross Combination Weight
HEFCWHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
ICWIndividual Combat Weapon
ICWInteractive Courseware
ICWInterrupted Continuous Wave
ICWARImproved Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
ICWGInterface Control Working Group
LACWLeading Aircraftwoman
LCWSLow Cost Weapon Delivery System
LogCWGLogistics Capability Working Group
MCWModulated Continuous Wave
MCWPMain Circulating Water Pump
MCWSMinor Calibre Weapons Station
NCWNet-Centric Warfare (US)
NCWANATO Wartime Civil Agencies
NCWENational Council for Work Experience
OCWPOperational Control Work Post
OPCWOrganisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
PCWPacific Common Water
SCWTStaff Covered Weapon Training
TCWTactical Comms Wing
TCWThermal Camouflage Woodland
CWChemical Warfare

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