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ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ARCADSArmament Control and Delivery System
CADContract Acceptance Date
CAD/CAMComputer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD/CAMComputer-Aided Design and Manufacture
CAD/CAMComputeraided design/manufacturing
CAD?Central Ammunition Depot
CAD?Chemical Agent Decontaminant
CAD?Chemical Agent Detector
CAD?Close Air Defence
CAD?Close-in Air Defence
CAD?Collective Address
CAD?Combat Assault Dory
CAD?Computer Aided Design
CAD?Computer-Aided Detection
CAD?Computer-Aided Doodling
CADACoordinated Air Defence Area
CADBComposite Air Defence Battalion
CADDComputer-Aided Design and Drafting
CADDETCentre for Analysis & Dissemination of Demonstration Energy Technologies
CADECombined Allied Defence Experiment
CADEComputer-Aided Design Evaluation
CADESComputer-Aided Design Evaluation System
CADFCommutated Aerial Direction Finder
CADIMSCoordinated Air Defence in Mutual Support
CADMClustered Airfield Defeat / Dispersed Munitions
CADMATComputer-Aided Design Manufacture And Test
CADMIDConcept Assessment Demonstration Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Design Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Development Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMINThe acronym for the SMART acquisition cycle which is comprised of six
CADMITConcept Assessment Demonstration Migration In-Service Termination
CADOLECost saving Auto re-routing Data transparent OMB/P
CADSChemical Agent Decontamination Simulant
CADSChemical Agent Detection System
CADSConcept And Design Study
CADSControlled Aerial Delivery System
CADSCushion-Augmentation Device
CADWSClose-Air Defence Weapon System
CASCADClose Air Support Cargo Dispenser
CASCADEComputer Assistance to the Scaling and Cataloguing
DCADMDefence Command and Army Data Model
ECADElectronic Computer Aided Design
FCADFuture Chemical Agent Detector
ICADIndividual Chemical Agent Detector
ICADInformation Coherence Authority for Defence
LCADLightweight Chemical Agent Detector
MCADMan-Portable Chemical Agent Detector
OSCADOffice of the Scientific Advisor to SACEUR SHAPE
PCADDSPanoramic Cockpit Display System
SCADSubmarine/Sonar Countermeasures Acoustic Device
SCADSubsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCADSSeaboard Containerised Air Defence System
VCADVehicle Chemical Agent Detector
CADCentral Ammunition Depot

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