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ADEXAir Defence Exercise
AFEXAnglo-French Exchange meeting
AGEXAnglo-German Exchange meeting
ALEXAutomatic Launching of Expendables
AMEXAmerican Express (card)
APEXAdvanced Photovoltaics and Electronic eXperiment
APEXAnalysis of Public Expenditure Statistics System
BteXA BT digital communications switch
CALDEXCalendar of Defence Exercise
CALFEXCombined Arms Live Firing Exercise
CapexCapital Expenditure
CASCOMEXClose Air Support Communications Exercise
CASEXCombined Anti-Submarine Exercise
CASEXCo-ordinated Anti-Submarine Exercise
CATEXCategorical Exclusion
COMEXCommencement of ASW Action (in CASEX)
COPEXCovert and Operational Procurement Exhibition
DELEXDestroyer Life Extension programme
DISTEXDisaster Relief Exercise
DISTEXDistributed Experiments
ENDEXEnd of Exercise
EXElectronics Experimental
EXACTEXercise Analysis for Collective Training
EXCMExternal Countermeasures
ExEEvent by Event
EXEExecutable (program)
EXJAMExpendable Jamming System
EXRExceptional Reserves
FINEXEnd of period of ASW Action (in CASEX)
FLYEXFlying Exercise
GUNEXGunnery Exercise
GUNEX FGun Functioning Exercise
HELEXHigh Energy Laser Experiment
HexalHexal / aluminium powder
HEXDAMHigh Explosive Damage Assessment Model
HILEXHigh Level Exercise
IDAHEXDefence Staff College High Level Wargame Facility
IDEXInternational Defence Exhibition
IMDEXInternational Maritime Defence Exhibition
INDEXIndependent Exercise
IREXInfra-red signature predication model
JOCOMEXJoint (inter-Service) Communications Exercise
JOCOMEXJoint Communication Exercise
LIVEXLive Exercise
LOGEXLogistic Exercise
MACEXMilitary Air Control Exercise
MEXEMilitary Engineering Experimental Establishment
MISCEXMiscellaneous Exercise
NAVEXNavigation Exercise
NAVTEXNavigational Telex
NEGEXPNegative Exponential
NEXRADNext-generation Radar
NIREXNuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive
OPEXOperational Exercise
PEXAPractice and Exercise Area
PILOTEXPilotage Exercise (i.e. in restricted waters)
RECCEXREPReconnaissance Exploitation Report
REQADEXRequest for Small Area Air Defence Exercise
SAL VEXSalvage Exercise
SEAMEXSeamanship Exercise
SEXSSIShips Explosive Store Safety Instructions
SURFEXSurface Warfare Exercise
SYNADEXSynthetic Air Defence Exercise?
TOPEXSpace based surveillance system
UNDEXUNDerwater EXplosion

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