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ATTAnti Torpedo Torpedo
ATTAnti-Torpedo Torpedo
ATTArtillery Tactical Terminals
ATTAutomatic Target Tracking
ATTDAdvanced Technology Test Demonstrator
ATTSAir-Transportable Towed System
ATTUAtlantic To The Urals
ATTVAll Terrain Tow Vehicle
CATTCombined Arms Tactical Trainer
CATTCombined Arms Tactical Training
CATT-BComponent Advanced Technology Test-Bed
CATTSCombined Arms Tactical Training Simulator
CCATTDCommon Chassis Advanced Technology Transition Demonstrator
EMATTExpendable mobile ASW Training Target
FATTForward Area Tactical Teletype
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trades
JAATTJoint Air Attack Team Tactics
MATTRMean Active Time To Repair
MATTSMultiple Air-borne Target Trajectory System
MCATTMulti-weapon Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
RATTRadio Automatic Teletype
RATTRadio Teletype
RATTAMResponse Against Attack on Munitions
Battle BowlersWhat the QAs of World War Two nicknamed their tin hats

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