UK Military Acronyms

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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AACPAACP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AAICPAir-to-Air Interrogator Control Panel
AANCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
ACPActive Cathodic Protection
ACPAirborne Command Post
ACPAllied Communications Publication
ACPAltimeter Check Point
ACPAnti-Collision Plot
ACPArmament Control Panel
ACPAutomatic Colt Pistol
ACP127Allied Communications Publication 127
ACPAAdaptive-Controlled Phased Array
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
ACPS or AcPSAction Plot Supervisor
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profile
ADCPAssistant Director Corporate Planning
AFNCPAnglo-French-Netherlands Collaboration Programme
AHCPAd-Hoc Collective Protection
AICPAnglo-Italian Collaboration Programme
BCPBattery Control Post
BCPBattle Command Post
CCPCasualty Collection Point
CCPCentral Control Point
CCPChest Counter Pressure
CCPChief Crown Prosecutor
CCPCoherent Countermeasures Processor
CCPCombat Command Post
CCPCommunication Control Panel
CCPComputer Control Panel
CCPContingency Communications Package
CCPContractor Conversion Package
CCPControl and Correlation Processor
CCPCCivil Communications Planning Committee
CCPDSCommand and Control Processing and Display System
CCPDSRCommand & Control Passive Display System Replacement
CCPOCharge Chief Petty Officer
CICPCentral Inventory Control Point
CINCPACCommander-in-Chief Pacific Command
CMCPWCivilian Management Corporate Personnel Web Site
CPCaptain of the Port
CPClose Protection
CPCommand Post
CPCommander of the Port
CPComplete Provisions
CPCorporate Plan
CPCorporate Planning
CP2Contractor Performance Certification Program
CPACabin Public Address
CPACardinal Point Specification
CPAClosest Point of Approach
CPAConsumer Protection Act
CPAContinuous Patrol Aircraft
CPAControl Panel Assembly
CPACredit Protection Association
CPACritical Path Analysis
CPA/SGCentral Pulse Amplifier / Symbol Generator
CPACSCoded Pulse Anti-Clutter System
CPBChange Planning Board
CPCCivilian Personnel Committee
CPCConflict Prevention Centre
CPCACentral Plant Control Authority
CPCCComputer Policy Consultative Committee
CPCNCommand Post Communication Network
CPDCentralized Planning Documents
CPDCommanders Pointing Device
CPDCommunications Project Division
CPDConfidential Policy Date
CPDContinuing Professional Development
CPDCorporate Personnel Database
CPECanadian Patrol Frigate
CPECircular Probable Error
CPECustomer Premises Equipment
CPGSCassette Preparation Ground System
CPICharacters Per Inch
CPICommon Programming Interface
CPICommunications Processor Interface
CPICost Performance Indicator
CPLCapillary Pump Loop
CPLCharacters Per Line
CPLClassification Packaging and Labelling
CPLCustomer Price List
CPMCivil Police Military activities
CPMControl Processor Module
CPMControl Programme Microcomputer
CPMCritical Path Method
CPM/PCommand Post Modem / Processor
CPMACivilian Personnel Management Authority
CPNCommunity Psychiatry Nurse
CPOChief Petty Officer
CPOCommand Pay Office
CPO(H)CPO(Hull) - shipwright
CPOMACPO Medical Assistant
CPOMEA(L)CPO Marine Engineering Artificer (Electrical)
CPOPCommand Post /Observation Post
CPOWTRCPO Writer (Secretarial)
CPPCentral Posting Point
CPPCommon Promotion Procedure
CPPControlled Pitch Propeller
CPPControlled Pitch Propellor
CPPSContracts Proposals and Progress
CPPUCentral Print Purchasing Unit
CPRCardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPRCentral Price Record
CPRChief of Public Relations
CPRCoherent-Pulse Radar
CPRConsolidated Position Report
CPRCovert Penetration Radar
CPRECampaign for the Protection of Rural England
CPRLConstant Price Resource Line
CPROCentral Public Records Office
CPROCivilian Pay & Records Office
CPROCommand Public Relations Officer
CPSCardinal Point Specification
CPSCarrier Pre-Selection
CPSCentrally Provided Services
CPSCharacters Per Second
CPSCommand Process System
CPSComponent Life Survey
CPSCovert Penetration System
CPSCritical Path Analysis
CPSCryptographic Sub System
CPSAClay Pigeon Shooting Association
CPSMCouncil for Professions Supplementary to Medicine
CPTCockpit Procedures Trainer
CPTCollision Presence Test
CPTContingency Planning Team
CPTCore & Personnel Training
CPTCrisis Planning Team
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPUCentral Processor Unit
CPUCommunications Processing Unit
CPU RMPClose Protection Unit Royal Military Police
CPVCommand Post Vehicle
CPWCaptains Professional Warning
CPXCommand Post Exercise
CPXCommand Post Exercises
CVCPCommittee of Vice Chancellors and Principals
D of C/CPDirectorate of Contracts/Central Purchasing
D/MCPDirector Military Communications Programmes
DACPDefence Acquisition Change Programme
DCPDefence Change Programme
DCPDefence Change Programme
DCPDefence Community Psychiatry
DCPDefence Corporate Plan
DCPDefence E-Commerce Collaboration Programme
DCPDeputy Commander Port
DCPDevelopment Cost Plan
DCPDigital Communications Processor
DCPBDefence Communication Procedures Branch
DCPGDefence Communications Planning Group
DCPMADelegated Civilian Personnel Management Authorities
DCPNDefence Contractors Pricing Notebook.
DCPUDisplay Control Power Unit
DGCPDirector General Civilian Personnel
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DMICPDefence Medical Information Capability Programme
ECPEmergency Conning Position
ECPEngineering Change Proposal
ECPEquipment Collection Point
EWCPElectronic Warfare Control Processor
FACPForward Air Control Post
FCPForward Control Post
FCPEMFire Control Processor Electronics Module
FCPOForward Control Petty Officer
FGCPFlight Guidance Control Panel
HCPEHybrid Collective Protection Equipment
ICCPImpressed Current Cathode Protection
ICCPImproved Computer Control Panel
ICPIncident Control Point
ICPInstrument Calibration Procedure
ICPInventory Control Point
IPCPImproved Command Post
JCPJoint Command Process
JCPJoint Contingency Plan
JCPSJoint Command Process Study
JSCPMJoint Supply Chain Performance Management
JSCPMBJoint Supply Chain Performance Management Board
LATCPLocal Area Transport Control Programme
LCPLanding Craft Personnel
LCPLaunch Control Post
LCplLance Corporal
LOCPODLow Cost Powered Dispenser
LSCPLaunching System Control Panel
LTSCPLong Term Ship Communication Plan
M/S CPOMaster / Senior Chief Petty Officer (US Navy)
MACPMilitary Aid to the Civil Power
MACPMilitary Assistance to Civil Power
MCCPMain Communications Control Panel
MCCPMovement Control Check Point
MCPMain Coolant Pump
MCPMaritime Campaign Programme
MCPMaximum Continuous Power
MCPMilitary Communication Projects
MCPMilitary Construction Program (USAF)
MCPMissile Control Panel
MCPMission Control Panel
MCPEModular Collective Protection Equipment
MCPsMain Coolant Pumps
MCPTPMain Coolant Pump Transport Package
NAVICPNAVal Inventory Control Point
NBCPCNuclear Biological and Chemical Protective Cover
NBCPONBC Protection Officer
NCPNetwork Control Points
NCPNetwork Control Programme
NCPNo Contractors Parts
NCPRNotice of Change in Provisioning Requirements
OCPOperational Computer Program
OCPOutstation Communications Processor
PCPPersonnel Control Point
PCPPlatoon Command Post
PCPProduction Cost Plan
PCPDPlanning Contract Placement Date
RBCPRotor Brake Control Panel
RNCPRoyal Naval Communications Publication
SCPService Complaints Panel
SCPSlotted Cylinder Projectors
SCPSystem Control Point
SCPSystems Control Point
SCPOMAStaff CPO Medical Assistant
SCPSSpace Communication Protocol Standard
SCPTSupply Chain Pipeline Times
SCPTSupply Chain Processing Time
SSCPSea Systems Controllerate Publications
TACPTactical Air Control Party
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCPTransport Communication Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCP/IPTransport Communication Protocol/Internet Protocol
TTCPThe Tactical Cooperation Programme
TTCPThe Technical Co-operation Programme
TTCPTripartite Technology Cooperation Panel
TTCP UAG 15A NATO Committee
TTCP UTP-9Technical panel on HFI for naval systems
UCPUnit Calibration Procedure
UCPUpkeep Change Proposal
UCPUser Datagram protocol
UCPDUpkeep Contract Placement Date
VCPVehicle Check Point
WCPWarfare Capability Package
CCPCasualty Collecting Point
CPCommand Post or Close Protection
CPOChief Petty Officer (Navy Rank) or Command Pay Office
VCPVehicle Check Point
TCPTraffic Control Point
LCplLance Corporal

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