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COMDEFCommon Defence Exhibition and Seminar
D Def AcqDirectorate of Defence Acquisition
D Def Env PolDirectorate of Defence Environmental Policy
DDefSDirector of Defence Studies
DEF FORMDefence Form
DEF NoDefiance Number
Def StanDefence Standard
DEF STANDefence Standard
DEFCOMNONDefence Command North Norway
DEFCOMNORDefence Command Norway
DEFCOMSONORDefence Command South Norway
DEFCONDefence Condition
DEFCONDefence Contract Condition
DEFCONDEFence CONtract standard clause
DEFCON 52Local Purchase Order
DEFCSDigital Electronic Flight Control System
DEFPADefence of Ports and Anchorages
DEFPOLDefence Policy
DEFQ NoDefiance Number
DEFRADepartment of Environment Food & Rural Affairs
DEFSTANDefence Standard
DEFSTATSDefence Statistics
DEFTESCDefence Test Equipment Steering Committee
DG Def LogDirector General Defence Logistics
IDEFIntegrated Computer Aided DEFinition
IDEFInternational Defence Industry and Civil Aviation
IDEF0Integrated Definition for Functional Modelling
MEDEFMiddle East Defence and Security Exhibition
MINDEFMinistry of Defence
NADEFCOLNATO Defence College
NODEFNo Defence Standard Required
OPDEFOperational Defect
OPDEFOPerational DEFects
OPDEFOperational Deficiency
OPDEFSOperational Deficiencies
OPDEFSYSOperational Defects System

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