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ADWRFSArmament Depot Weapon Repair Facility Statement
AWRAir Weapons Range
AWREAtomic Weapons Research Establishment
AWRSAir Weapon Ranges Scoring
CWRContinuous Wave Radar
DMWRDepot Maintenance Work Requirement
DOWRDiving Operations at Work Regulations
DWRFSDockyard Weapon Repair Facility Statement
DWRNSDirector Womens Royal Naval Service
EWRRFElectronic Warfare Rapid Reaction Facility
FRCWRFOST Return Call Walk Round
FWRVFFuture Wheeled Recovery Vehicle Fleet
GSSWRMGeneral & Specialist Stores War Reserve Memorandum
HFSWRHigh Frequency Surface Wave Radar
IRWRInfra-Red Warning Receiver
JWRPLJoint Warfare Priority List
LWRLaser Warning Receiver
LWRLaser Warning Receivers
LWRENLeading Wren
MMWRMillimetre Wave Radar
MWRMillimetre-Wave Radar
MWRMine Warfare Range
OWROne Way Regulator
OWRMOther War Reserve Materiel
PWRPower to Weight Ratio
PWRPressurised Water Reactor
PWRRPenetrating Weapons Ready Reckoner
RHWRRadar Homing and Radar Warning Receiver
RHWRRadar Homing Warning Receiver
RWRRadar Warning Receiver
SWRDASouth West Regional Development Agency?
TOWR/PType Of Work Required/Permitted
TWRSTorpedo Weapon Response Simulator
VSWRVoltage Standing Wave Ratio
WRWar Reserve
WR HALL PORTWardroom Hall Porter
WR OPVWarrior Observation Post Vehicle
WRA91Water Resources Act 1991
WRAMAsset management information for helicopter engines
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management system
WRAPWaste Resources Action Programme
WRCWorld Radio communications Conference
WRNSWomens Royal Naval Service
WRPCWeapon Repair Policy Code
wrtwith regard to

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