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An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

Military Acronym Tool: The Results

BBGTBrigade & Battlegroup Trainer
BBGTBrigade and Battle Group Trainer
BGBattle Group
BGBomb Group
BGEBattle Group Engineer
BGEBOWMAN Gateway Equipment
BGHEBusiness Gas Home Energy Ltd
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
BGRBOWMAN Gateway Router
BGTBritish Gas Trading Ltd
BGTIBattle Group Thermal Imaging
BGTIBattlegroup Thermal Imager
BGTUBattlegroup Training Unit
CBGCarrier Battle Group (US Navy)
CMBGCanadian Mechanised Brigade
CVBGAircraft Carrier Battle Group
DBGFDatabase Generation Facilities
FBGFuture Business Group
IBGInformal Budget Grouping
PBGPressure Breathing for G
WBGTWet Bulb Globe Temperature
BGBattle Group Coord Co-ordinate
BGHQBattleGroup Headquarters

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