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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

ABISAll-Bus Instrumentation System
ACCISAutomated Command and Control Information System
ACDS(CIS)Assistant Chief Defence Staff (Command-Control-Comms and Info Sys)
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set
ACISAArmy CIS Authority
ACISGArms Command and Control Communications and Information Systems
ACOS(CIS)Assistant Chief of Staff (Communications and Information systems)
ACTISAdvanced Compact Thermal Imaging System
ADCISAir Defence Communication and Information System
ADCISArmy Air Defence CIS System
ADMISArmy Department Management Information System
AEGISAdvanced Engine/Gearbox Integrated System
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration Segment
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration System
AEMISArmy Equipment Management Information System
AFISAir Force Intelligence Service
AIMISAdvanced Integrated Modular Instrumentation System
AISAdvanced Instrumentation SubSystem
AISAeronautical Information Service
AISDAdvance Interoperability Services Demonstrator
AISECArmy Information Engineering Command (US Army)
AISRAdvanced Initial Spares Requirements
AISSAlliance for Information Systems Skills
AISSArmaments Interim Supply Solution
ALASISAssignment Ledger and Automated Sales Invoicing System
AMISAir Movements Information Systems
AMISAnti-Materiel Incendiary Sub-munitions
AMISAutomated Management Information System
ANVISAviators Night Vision Imaging System
AOCISAir Officer Communications & Information Systems
ARAMISAmerican Requisitions And Management Information System
ARTEMISArray TEchnology for MIssile Seekers
ASISAdvanced Schedule Information Signal
ATISAnti-Tank Influence Sensor
ATISAutomatic Terminal Information Service
ATLISAutomatic Tracking Laser Illumination System
AwISAirworthiness Information Service
AWNISAllied Warning Navigation Information System
AWNISAllied Wartime Navigational Information System
BASISBudget and Accounting Structures Information System
BATCISBowman and Tactical Comms And Information Systems IPT
BIRISBattlefield Inoculation Remote Initiation System
BISBattlefield Information System
BISBuilt in Spare
BISBulk Issue Store
BISBusiness Information System
BISBusiness Information Systems
BISABattlefield Information System Application
BISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
B-ISDNBroadband-Integrated Services Digital Network
BISMBusiness Information System Manager
BISPABritish Independent Steel Products Association
BISTBuilt-In System/Self Test
BLISBOWMAN Logistic Information System
BLISAdminBowman Logistics Information System Administrator
BLISKBlade plus Disk fabricated in one piece (turbine)
BLISOpBowman Logistics Information System Operator
BRACISBiological Radiological and Chemical Information System
BRAMISBattle Readiness Automated Management Information
BRISCBi-polar/BiCMOS reduced instruction set computer
BRISTANREP OTTAWABritish Standardisation Representative in Canada
BRITMISSBritish Maritime Intelligence Support System
BS EN ISOBritish Standard Euro. Standard Intern. Organisn. for Standardisation.
C2ISC2 Information System
C2ISCommand and Control Information Systems
C2ISCommand Control and Intelligence Systems
C4ISR?Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance
CAAIS?Computer Assisted Action Information System
CAL/E listConsolidated Allowance List/Equipment List (stores)
CALAISCommand Automated Logistics and Information System
CAMISCalibration Management Information System
CAPMISCapability Area Plan Management Information System
CATISComputer Aided Technical Information System
CCISC2 Information System
CCISCommand & Control Information System
CCISCommand and Control Information System
CCISCommand Control and Information System
CEPISCouncil of European Professional Information Societies
CERISEA French military small surveillance satellite
CIBISCommon Infrastructure for Battlefield Information
CIDISCombat Information Display System
CINE CRISPInterim Network Enhancement
CIPMISCivilian Personnel Management Information System
CISCavitation Inception Speed
CISCombat Identification System
CISCombined Influence Sweep
CISCommand and Control Communications and Information Systems
CISCommand Information System
CISCommand Information Systems
CISCommand Intelligence System
CISCommand Control Communications and Information System
CISCommonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union)
CISCommunication and Information Services
CISCommunication and Information System
CISCommunication and Information Systems
CISCommunications & Information Systems
CISCommunications and Information Systems
CISCommunications Information Systems
CISComputer and Information Systems
CIsConfiguration Items
CISContinuous Improvement Strategy (MRPII)
CISCCommand Information Systems Centre
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CISCConstruction Industry Standing Conference
CISDCommunications and Information Systems Division SHAPE
CISECCommand Information Systems Executive Committee
CISIMCommunications and Information Systems and Information Management
CISPRCommittee of the International Special Committee on Radio
CITISComputerised Integrated Technical Information System
CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information Service
CITISContractors Integrated Technical Information Services
CITIS-(UK)Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (UK)
CM(IS)Capability Manager (Information Superiority)
CMISCapability Manager Information Systems
CMISCommon Management Information Services
CMISCSDE Management Information System
CNRMISCombat Net Radio Management Information System
CONVISConsignment Visibility
CRCCISCentral Region Command & Control Info System
CREMISCR 2 Equipment Management Information System
CRISCoastal Radar Integration System
CRISCComplex Reduced Instruction Set Computer
CRISDComputer Resources Integrated Support Document
CRISPComprehensive RNSTS Inventory Support/Supply Programme/Project
CRISPComprehensive RNSTS Inventory System Project
CRISPComprehensive RNSTS Inventory Systems Project
CRISPComputer Reconstructed Images from Scene Photographs
CRITLISTCritical List
CSCIsComputer Software Configuration Items
CSISCommand Support Information Systems
CUISCommon User Item System
CWISClose In Weapon System
D of C/CISDirector of Contracts/Command Information Systems
D/ISISDirector Intelligence Simulation + Information Systems
DAFISDigital Aeronautical Flight Information System
DAISDigital Avionics Information System
DAISYDigital Action Information System
DCISDirectorate of Communications Information Systems
DCIS (FS)Director Communication Information Systems (Fleet Support)
DCIS(A)Director CIS (Army)
DCIS(FS)Directorate of Communications& Information Systems (FS)
DCIS(N)Director CIS (Navy)
DCIS(N)Directorate Of Communications and Information Systems (Navy)
DCISADefence CIS Agency
DCISBDefence CIS Board
DCISBDefence Communications & Information Systems Board
DCISBDefence Communications and Information Systems Board
DCISIADefence CIS Interoperability Agency
DCISIADefence Communication and Information Systems Integration Authority
DCISISCDefence CIS Interoperability Steering Committee
DCISPODefence Communications Information Service Provider
DCISSDefence CIS Standards
DCISSECDefence Communications and Information Systems Standards Executive
DCISSEGDefence CIS Standards Executive Group
DCISSEGDefence Command IS Standards Executive Committee
DEC (ISTAR)Director Equipment Capability (Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition
DEI&ISDirectorate of Engineering Interoperability and Information Services
DEnisDefence Estates networked information service
DEWISDistant Early Warning Identification Zone
DFS(CIS)Director of Fleet Support (Communications + Information Systems)
DGCISDirector General Command Information Systems
DGCISDirector General of Command Information Systems
DGISDoD Gateway Information System
DGMISDirector General (DGST(N)) Management Information System
DIGMISDirectors Management Strategy Support System for RNSTS
DIMTISDirector-Mounted Thermal Imaging System
DISDefence Information Strategy
DISDefence Intelligence Services
DISDefence Intelligence Staff
DISDefence Investigative Service
DISDepartmental Investment Strategy
DISDistributed Information System
DISDistributed Intelligence System
DISDistributed Interactive Simulation
DISDraft International Standard
DIS FMDirectorate of Information Systems Facilities Management
DIS(PE)/POL/SDirector Information Services (PE) for Policy and Strategy
DISADefence Information Security Agency
DISADefence Information Systems Agency
DISCDefence Industrial Support Centre
DISCDefence Intelligence and Security Centre
DISCASDepot Integrated Storage Control and Accounting System. Replaces former
DISCOMDivision Support Command
DISCONDistributed Integrated Secure Communications Network
DISDDirectorate of Information Services Delivery
DISGDefence Intelligence Steering Group
DISMDirector In Service Submarines
DISNDefence Information Strategy and News
DISPDirectory Information Shadowing Protocol
DISPDocking & Intermediate Support Period
DISSDefence Intelligence and Security School
DISSDirector In Surface Ships
DISSUBDIStressed SUBmarine
DISTDefence Implications of Strategic Trends
DISTAFFDirecting Staff
DISTANDistributed Interactive Secure Telecom
DISTEXDisaster Relief Exercise
DISTEXDistributed Experiments
DLISDirectorate of Logistics Information Systems
DMISDistribution Management Information System
DNISDirector Naval Information Systems
DNLISDirector of Naval Logistics Information Systems
DNMCISDirector of Naval Management Communications and Information
DOCCISSDefence Operational Command & Control IS Strategy
DOCCISSSDefence Operational Command & Control IS Strategy Study
DOCISSDefence Operational CIS Strategy
DOCISSDefence Operational Communication & Information Systems Strategy
DODIISDepartment of Defence Intelligence Information System
DSISDigital Software Integration System
DTI QA REGISTERDepartment of Trade & Industry Quality Assurance Register
E ListEstablishment List
ECDISElectronic Chart Display & Information System
EDISEuropean Defence Industry Study
EDISTEastern District
EFISElectronic Flight Instrumentation System
EISElectrical Impedance Spectroscopy
EISElectronic Instrument System
EISEngineering Information System
EISEntry Into Service
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EISExecutive Information System
EISAElectronic Information Sharing Agreement
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
EISSEuropean Intelligence Support System
ELISTSEquipment Lists
EMISElectro-Magnetic Isotope Separation
EMISElectronic Materials Information Service
EMISEmergency Manpower Information System
ENVISATEnvironmental Satellite
EOISElectro-Optical Imaging System
EOTISElectro-Optical Tracking & Indication System
EPSISEnhanced Procurement System Interface
ERISExoatmospheric Re-entry Intercept Sub-system
ERMISExtended Range Modification Integration System
ERVISExoatmospheric Re-entry Vehicle Interception System
ESISSEquipment Support Information Systems Strategy
EWAISFElectronic Warfare Avionics Integrated Support Facility
FCA BISAFire control BISA
FC-BISAFire Control BISA
FCISFleet Continuous Improvement System
FCISSUFleet Communications Information Systems Support Unit
FDISFederation of Defence Information Services
FEMISField Force Equipment Management Information System
FFISTSFast Frigate Integrated Shipboard Tactical System
FISFighter Interceptor Squadron
FISFinancial Information System
FIS3Ferranti Integrated Submarine Sonar Suite
FISCSFerranti Integrated Submarine Combat Suite
FISTFacility for Infantry Situation Training
FISTFire Support Team
FISTFused Interface SimulaTor (displays)
FISTFuture Infantry Soldier Technology
FISTDMDFire Support Team Digital Message Device
FISTVFire Support Team Vehicle
FISVFire Support Team Vehicle
FLEETMISFleet Management Information System
FMISFinancial and Management Information System
FMISFood Management Information System
FODMISFundamentals of Design and Management of Information Systems
FOODMISFOOD Supply Management Information System
FORTISForward Observation and Reconnaissance Thermal Imaging System
FQISFuel Quantity Indication System
FRECIsFleet Recreational Instructions
FTMISFlying Training Management Information System
GISGeographic Information System
GISGeographical Information System
GISGovernment Information Service
GISSGoddard Institute for Space Studies
GISTGeneral Intelligence Ship Terminal
GOLISGuided Onto Location in Space
GSISGlobal Support and Intelligence Solutions
HAISHydro Acoustic Information System
HAISSHigh Altitude IR Sensor System
HATISHelmet Acquisition and Tracking Indication System
HEISAPHigh Explosive Incendiary Semi--Armour Piercing
HFI-ASISTHuman factors Integration - Advanced Support And Information Storage
HIRISHigh resolution Infra-red System
HISHorizon Information System
HISHostile Intelligence Service
HISHostile Intelligence Services
HISOSHelicopter Integrated Sonar System
HISSHorizon IR Surveillance Sensor
HISTARLarge towed surface target
HMISHigher Management and engineering Information System
HOISSHydrographic Office Information Systems Strategy
HOMEMISHouse Management Information System (Navy)
HSISHazardous Stores Information System
IAMISInterim Army Management Information System
IARRCISInterim ARRC Command and Information System
IARRCISInterim ARRC Information System
IBISIntelligence Briefing and Indexing System
ICISImperial College Impact Simulator
IDRISIntegrated Defect Reporting Information System
IISInformation Interchange Specification
IISInfra-red Imaging System
IISIntegrated Instrument System
IISInternet Information Server
IISAIntelligence Information Services Enhancement programme
IISIIntegrated Information Systems Infrastructure
IISSInternational Institute for Strategic Studies
IMAISIntegrated Magnetic and Acoustic Influence Sweep
IMISInstitute for the Management of Information Systems
INISInternational Nuclear Information System
IRFISInertial Referenced Flight Inspection System
IRISIncident Reporting Information System
IRISInfra-Red Imaging System
IRISIntegrated Radar Imaging System
ISInformation System
ISInformation Systems
ISIntermediate System
ISInternal Security
ISInternational Staff
ISInternational Standard
IS3Incentivised Spares Support Scheme
ISAIndependent Safety Audit
ISAIndependent Safety Auditor
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture (Bus System)
ISAInitial Site Acceptance
ISAInstruction Set Architecture
ISAInternational Standard Atmosphere
ISAInternet Security Association
ISACInterim Stern Arc Clearance
ISADSIntegrated Strapdown Air Data System
ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force
ISAKMPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAPIInternet Server Application Programming Interface
ISAQInterim Statement of Airworthiness Qualification
ISARInverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISATIntensified Standard Alternating Temperature
ISAUIgnition and Safety and Arming Unit
ISBIndependent Side Band
ISBIndependent Side Band (radio)
ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
ISCIncident Sentencing Committee
ISCIndependent Schools Council
ISCInfantry Section Carrier
ISCInformation Skills and Competences
ISCIntercommunications Set Control
ISCOMFARIsland Commander The Faros
ISCOMICEIsland Commander Iceland
ISCSIntegrated Submarine Combat System
ISDIn Service Date
ISDIn-Service Data
ISDIn-Service Date
ISDInstructional System Design
ISDInstructional Systems Development
ISD/IOCIn Service Date/Initial Operational Capability
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNIntegrated Systems Digital Network
ISDSIce & Snow Detection System
ISDSImage Switching and Distribution System
ISDSIRCM self-defence System
ISEIntermediate Station Equipment
ISECInformation Systems Executive Committee
ISESInternational Solar Energy Society
ISFIntegrated Support Facility
ISGIndustry Steering Group
ISGInformation Strategies Group
ISGInternal Studies Group
ISGInternational Sales Group
ISIInformation System Infrastructure or In-Service Improvement
ISIIn-Service Inspection
ISIInter-Symbol Interference
ISISInstitute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia
ISISItem of Supply Information System
ISISLAND Integrated Staff Information System
ISKIntercept Sonar
ISLInitial System Load
ISLInter Satellite Link
ISLSInterrogation Side-Lobe Suppression
ISMIn Store Maintenance
ISMBInformation Systems Management Board
ISMEInternational Scientific Matters expert
ISMORInternational Symposium of Military Operational Research
ISMSIn Service Management System
ISOInternational Standards Organisation
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ISO PfPIn the spirit of PfP
ISOPInvitation for the submission of proposals
ISOPInvitation to Submit Outline Proposal
ISORInitial Statement of Requirements
ISOSSIntegrated Staff Officer Support System
ISPIdeal Splash Point
ISPIn Service Proof
ISPIntegrated Support Plan
ISPInternational Standardised Profiles
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPFIsentropic Light Piston Facility
ISPMIn-Service Project Manager
ISQAAIn-Service Quality Assurance Authority
ISRIdentification - Safety Range
ISRIdentification Safety Range
ISRImage Storage and Retrieval
ISRInitial Spares Requirement
ISRIntelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
ISRIntelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
ISRDIn-Service Reliability Demonstration
ISRMInverted Scan Rate Modulation
ISRMDIn Service Reliability and Maintainability Demonstration
ISROIndian Space Research Organisation
ISRPImproved Stabilisation Reference Package
ISSIndividual Studies School
ISSInformation Services & Systems
ISSIn-Service Support
ISSIntegrated Supply Support and In-Service Surveillance
ISSInward Shipping Store
ISSAIn-Service Support Agency
ISSCInformation System Standing Committee
ISSCInformation Systems Steering Committee
ISSEIntegration Services Support Environment
ISSOInformation Systems Security Officer
ISSPInitial System Security Policy
ISSPIntegrated Supply Support Procedures
ISSRIndependent Secondary Surveillance Radar
ISSTICBM Silo Super-hardening Technology
ISTInitial Sea Training
ISTInvite Show and Test
ISTARIntelligence Surveillance Targeting Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTARIntelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTDCInter Service Training and Development School
ISTSInformation Systems (Technical Services)
ISUIn-arm Suspension Unit
ISUIn-Service Upgrade
ISUIntegrated Sight Unit
ISUSIntegrated Support for Units and Ships
ISVInternal Security Vehicle
ISVRInstitute of Sound and Vibration Research
ISVTIntegrated Secure Voice Terminal
ISWInfantry Support Weapon
ISYSCONIntegrated System Control programme (US Army)
IVISInter-Vehicular Information System
JDISE Joint Defence Intelligence Support System-Europe
JDISSJoint Defence Intelligence Support services
JISJob Instruction Sheet
JMCISJoint Maritime CIS
LAFISLedger Accounting Financial Information System
LAFISLedger Accounts Financial Management Information System
LAFISLocal Area Financial Information System
LAISLithium Aluminium Iron Sulphide
LATISLightweight Air-borne Thermal Imaging System
LISLogistic Information System
LISALogical Information Systems Architecture
LISCOPELogistic Information Systems Collaboration ProgrammE
LISELaser Integrated Space Experiment
LISRLogistic Impact & Sustainability Review
LoCoFISLogistics Command Financial Information System
LORISLong-range Infra-red System
LRISLand Reference Information Services
LR-ISTLong-range Infra-Red Search and Track
LSDISLight and Special Division Interim Sensor
MACTISMine-hunting Action Information Subsystem
MAEMISModular Aero-Engine Management Information System
MAFISManagement Accounting Financial Information System
MANTISMAN-in-loop Target Interdiction System
MANTISMan-in-the-loop Target Interdiction System
MANTISManpack Tactical Intelligence System
MARTISManagement of Resources Tactical Information Systems
MASISManagement and Support of Information Systems in Ships
MATISMManagement and Training for Information Systems in the Royal Marines
MAVISManagement Admin and VME Interface System
MBISModernisation of Base Inventory System
MCCISMaritime Command and Control Information System
MCCISMaritime Command Control and Information System
MCCISWGMilitary Command Control and Information Systems Working Group
MCTFISTMarine Corps Tank Full Crew Interactive Simulator Trainer
MDGFISMDG Financial Information System
MEISMoD Estate Information System
METISMeteorological Information System
MFASISMovements Finance Audit Information System
MINISMINisters Information System. Replaced by TOPMIS
MISManagement Information System
MISMessage Input Segment
MISMilitary Information System
MISMotion Induced Sickness
MISUS Army Missile Command Specification
MIS(CAT)Proposed Army Catering Management Information System
MISCEXMiscellaneous Exercise
MiSERMission Systems Evaluation Rig
MISREPMission Report
MISSMissile Intercept Scoring System
MISTManagement Information Supplies and Transport
MISTMet Office Information System
MISTModular Inter-operable Surface Terminal
MISTMosaic Infra-red Sensor Technology
MISTEModular Integrated Sensor Test and Evaluation
MMISMaterial Managers Information System
MOD CISMOD Communication Information System
MORRISMotor Transport Operator Repair and Resource Information System
MORRISMT Operation Repair and Resource Information System
MOSISFleet Air Arm (FAA) version of MERLIN
MOTISMessage Orientated Text Interchange System
MSISMulti-sensor Stabilised Integrated Sensor
NACCISNorth Atlantic Command & Control Information System
NaRCoSiSNaval Radar Computer Simulation Suite
NASISNATO Subject Indicator System
NAUTISNaval Autonomous Information System
NBC BISNuclear Biological and Chemical Battlefield Information System
NCCISNATO Command Control and Information System
NCCISNATO Command Control and Information System
NCISANATO Communications and Information Systems Agency
NCISCNaval Counter-Intelligence Support Centre
NEDISTNorth East District
NEMESISAttrition Model
NEMISNimrod Engineering Management Information System
NISNATO Identification System
NISNATO International Staff
NISNet Identification Sign
NISNetwork Information Service
NISNuclear Implicated Services
NISDNNarrowband Integrated Services Digital Network
NISSCNavy IS Steering Committee
NISSPONATO Identification System Special Project Office
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NLISNaval Logistics Information System
NLISNavy Logistics Information System
NLISSNaval Logistics Information Systems Strategy
NLISSNavy Logistics IS Strategy
NLISSSNaval Logistics Information Systems Strategy Study
NMMISNaval Manpower Management Information System
NOCISSCNaval Operational CIS Steering Committee
NOMISNational Online Manpower Information System
NOMISNaval Operations Management Information System
NOMISNavy Operations Management Information System
NOMISSNaval Operational MIS Study
NOMISSNaval Operations Management Information Systems Strategy
NTISNavy Thermal Imaging System
NVISNear Vertical Incidence Skywave
NVISNight Vision Imaging System
NWDISTNorth West district
OASISOnboard ADP Support in Ships
OASISOnboard ADP Support in Ships - RN ADP System in ships
OASISOn-board ADP Support in Ships & Submarines
OASISOn-board Automated Ships Information System. RN stores accounting
OASISOperational Applications of Special Intelligence Systems
OCCISOperation Control and Command Information System
OISGOperational Intelligence Support Group
OISUOptical Intermediate Station Unit
OMISOperational Management Information System
OMIS2Operational Manpower Information System (UNIX/Oracle)
OpCISOperational CIS
OSISOcean Surveillance and Intelligence System
OSISOcean Surveillance Information System
OSIS/OBUOcean Surveillance Information System / OSIS Baseline Upgrade (US
OSISEDOcean Surveillance IS Evolutionary Development
OTISObserver Thermal Imaging
PECISBProcurement Executive Communications and Information Systems Board
PERMISPersonnel Management Information System
PISAPtarmigan Individual Subscriber Access
PLODMISPolice Logistics & Operations Data Management Information System
PM (MISC)Project Manager (FOST/SS/RFA/Visitors)
PMISRN guidebook to Practical Management In Ships
POLISPetrol Oil and Lubricants Information System
PRISMPlanning and Reporting Information System for Management
PROMISPROcurement of contract repair Management Information System
QAFMISQ Area Financial and Management Information System
QCISQMG Corporate Information System
QISQMG Information Strategy
RAFCCISRAF Command and Control System
RAFCISRAF Command Information System
RISRadio Investigation Service
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISEReliability Improved Selected Equipment
RISTAReconnaissance Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RISTAReconnaissance Intelligence Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RMIsRM Instructions
ROMISRecruiting Organisation Management Information System
SAMISStock Accounting Management Information Systems
SC&ISSite Communication and Information Services
SC&IS(W)Service Agency (Site Communications & Information Systems) (West)
SCISSupply Chain Information System
SCOCISSupport Command Operational Command Information System
SEDISTSouthEast District
SEDRISSynthetic Environment Data Representation & Interchange Specification
SEISPSystem Electronic Information Security Policy
SGISSurgeon Generals Information Strategy
SHORDISSHOrt Range air Defence Information System
SISSonar Instrument Space
SISSupplier Information System
SISPSystem Interconnection Security Policy
SMARTISStock Management And Repair Transaction Information Service
SMISSupport Management Information System
SMISTSubmarine Inspection Team
SNISPStrategy for Naval Information Systems for Personnel
SNISPStrategy for Naval Information Systems in Personnel
SRIsShop Replaceable Items
STOMISSupply & Transport Officer Management Information System
STRADISSTRuctured Analysis Design and Implementation of Software-based systems
Supvr ISSupervisor Information Systems
SWISSSeawolf In Service Support
SWISSSubmarine Weapons Interconnector SubSystem
TEWMISTest Equipment Wing Management Information System
TISTarget Indication System
TISThermal Imaging System
TISThermal Imaging Systems
TISHThermal Imaging Sensor Head
TISM sTechnical Instructions for Submarines
TISMSTechnical Instructions for Submarines
TISSThermal Imaging Sighting System
TOPMISTOP Management Information System. Replaces NIMIS
TRANMISHigh Level fleet management system
UKAISUK Academy for Information Systems
UKMCCISUK Maritime Command & Control Info System
UKMISTUnited Kingdom Military Intelligence Support Terminal
VCRUISEMaximum Level Forward Flight Velocity using the lower of MPC or
VHISVisual Hit Indicator System
VISAVME Inoperable Support Application
VISAVME Inoperable System Access
WAISWide Area Information Service
WDISTWestern District
WECDISWarship Electronic Chart Display Information
WHISWhole Hospital Information System
WISWeather Information System
ISInternal Security

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