British Army Sergeant

This page explains what a Sergeant is the British Army is.

What Is A Sergeant In The British Army?

A Sergeant is a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) within the British Army and is a rank higher than Corporal.

Sergeant is a senior role of responsibility, promotion to which typically takes place after 12 years of service, depending on ability.

Sergeants typically are second in command (2IC) of a troop or platoon of up to 35 soldiers, with the important responsibility for advising and assisting junior officers.

British Army Sergeant Insignia

The Insignia For A Sergeant

The insignia of a Sergeant in the British Army is 3 chevrons with no crown.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sergeant

What NATO Code Is A Sergeant?

A Sergeant has a NATO rank code of OR-6.

Do You Salute A Sergeant?

No, a Sergeant does not hold a commission and falls under the non-commissioned officer (NCO) bracket and Other Ranks should not salute the person in that position.

How Much Does A Sergeant Earn?

The salary of a Sergeant changes each year (around April time) but the starting wage right now is £35k per year.

The salary of a Sergeant in the British Army can overlap with a Sergeant if they aren’t promoted fast enough.

british army Sergeant

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