British Army Corporal

This page explains what a Corporal is the British Army is.

What Is A Corporal In The British Army?

A Corporal is a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) within the British Army and is a rank higher than Corporal.

After 6 to 8 years, and depending on ability to lead, promotion to Corporal typically follows.

Corporals are given command of more soldiers and equipment – such as armoured transport and weaponry.

In this rank, additional trade and instructor qualifications can be gained although the opportunity to earn these can be granted to junior ranks.

British Army Corporal Insignia

The Insignia For A Corporal

The insignia of a Corporal in the British Army is 2 chevrons.

Frequently Asked Questions: Corporal

What NATO Code Is A Corporal?

A Corporal has a NATO rank code of OR-4 but can be granted a position that would normally be OR-5.

Do You Salute A Corporal?

No, a Corporal does not hold a commission and falls under the non-commissioned officer (NCO) bracket and Other Ranks should not salute the person in that position.

How Much Does A Corporal Earn?

The salary of a Corporal changes each year (around April time) but the starting wage right now is £31k per year.

british army Corporal

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