Cam Cream For Spot Prone Skin

See how to avoid getting spots when using cam cream by following this simple advice.

What Is Cam Cream?

Cam cream is used by soldiers in the field to blend in to their surrounding environments.

It’s a combination of solidified vegetable oils, stabilisers and hydrophobic thickeners that is designed to conceal your skin.

The name cam is short for camouflage and was first used during the mid 18th century by rifle units.

How Does Cam Cream Work?

Remember when Dutch covered himself in cold, wet mud to evade The Predator? It’s kind of like that!

Distorts Shapes

Cam cream breaks up the shape of your face and from a further distance, makes it harder to distinguish what the observer is looking at.

Removes Shine

Your skin naturally reflects light and cam cream removes the shine on your skin making you harder to notice.

IR-Reflective Pigments

Most cam creams on the market offer infra-red reflective pigmentation essentially keeping your skin cooler.

It’s quite effective when the enemy is using something to pick up heat signatures, kind of like Dutch!

how does cam cream work?

Tips To Avoid Getting Spots From Your Cam Cream

Now we’ve covered the basics on understanding cam cream, let’s get to how to stop you from getting spots every time you apply cam cream.

Essentially, it all boils down to your routine and the brand of cam cream you’re using.

Keeping Your Skin Clear

Before applying cam cream, clean your face with warm water.

This opens your pores, cleaning out any gunk that’s been accumulating throughout the day.

Once you’ve done this, splash cold water on your face to close your pores.

When you take off the cam cream, repeat the above instructions.

We understand this might not be achievable on exercise or deployment but just try to clean your face as best as possible.

The Best Cam Cream To Avoid Spots

There are a few alternatives to the issued cam cream we all get but the absolute best on the market so far is Camtech Cam Cream.

It has the highest amount of 5 star reviews, feedback and discussions when looking online and provides the best results for spot prone skin.

does camtech cam cream give you spots?

Does Camtech Cam Cream Give You Spots?

It’s a camouflage face paint that has been developed by existing soldiers from Australia that does not cause spots or pimples.

Can I Easily Remove Camtech Cam Cream?

Camtech cam cream is much easier to remove when compared with other cam creams, including UK issued cam cream.

It’s so easy to remove, it even washes out of clothing with ease!

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Camtech Cam Cream

Camtech Cam Cream

– No Spots Or Pimples
– IR-Reflective
– Easily Washes Off
– SPF15
– Top Pick

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