Glass Breaking Bracelets Guide

Understand what this product is, what it does and where to buy it from.

Glass Breaking Bracelet

Until last year, we had no idea you could buy a glass window breaking bracelet.

Our product knowledge didn’t expand any further than those plastic glass breaking hammers you can get for your car.

They’re big, bulky and can’t be concealed so we decided to look into a better solution.

One that anyone could wear and conceal if they needed to.

What Is A Glass Breaking Bracelet?

The name pretty much gives away it’s purpose.

It’s a bracelet that you wear around your wrist that you pull back and breaks the glass window it comes into contact with.

They’re to be used only in emergencies and are considered a vital tool amongst the SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance and Extraction) community.

Window Breaking Bracelet

What Is Window Breaker Bracelet Made From?

Tungsten carbide.

They attach a slim bead of tungsten carbide to a 2mm shock cord.

The material of the bead will break the glass upon impact.

Why Is Tungsten Carbide Used On A Bracelet?

Tungsten Carbide is extremely tough.

It’s twice as stiff as steel and is also double the density of it too.

Tungsten carbide is so hard it can only be polished using abrasives that are harder such as diamond powder.

Glass windows really don’t stand a chance against the glass breaker bracelet.

Tungsten carbide is so hardy it’s even used in surgical equipment, jewellery, tire studs, trekking poles, tunnel boring machines and even the shoeing of horses.

Will It Break Through Tempered Glass?


Tempered glass doesn’t stand a chance again the tungsten bead bracelet.

How Effective Is A Bracelet That Breaks Windows?

Very effective.

In fact, this video shows you exactly how quick and easy it really is.

The bracelet is concealed, can be hidden and takes seconds to smash through tempered glass windows.

This product (much like their YouTube description) is perfect for escaping a wrecked vehicle or even escape illegal restraint – once again highlighting why it’s such a popular product within the SERE community.

Can Anyone Buy A Window Breaker Bracelet?

Yes, anyone can buy a breaker bracelet.

You don’t need to be a survivalist or go camping each week – it’s an ideal product for anyone.

The product can be worn around the wrist or ankle so you’ll only ever use it in an emergency.

It’s never going to stop an abduction however it could save your life.

Where Can I Buy A Window Breaker Bracelet?

Jacobite Solutions.

There are other options but they are quite expensive.

In fact, more than double the price of Jacobite Solutions.

For one bracelet, it’s only £3.75 or £5.00 will get you a bracelet and a glow in the dark (GTID) bead.

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