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ADMAdaptive Delta Modulation
ADMAdd Drop Mux
ADMAdvanced Development Model
ADMAerodrome Design Manual
ADMAfrican Democratic Movement
ADMAir Decoy Missile
ADMAsynchronous Data Modem
ADMAtomic Demolition Munitions
ADMDAdministrative Managed Domains
ADMDAdministrative Management Domain
ADMISArmy Department Management Information System
ADMTAssistant Director Movements and Transport
ADMUAir Distance Measuring Unit
App AdminApplications Administrator
BLISAdminBowman Logistics Information System Administrator
CADMClustered Airfield Defeat / Dispersed Munitions
CADMATComputer-Aided Design Manufacture And Test
CADMIDConcept Assessment Demonstration Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Design Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMIDConcept Assessment Development Manufacture In-Service Disposal
CADMINThe acronym for the SMART acquisition cycle which is comprised of six
CADMITConcept Assessment Demonstration Migration In-Service Termination
CH ADM PILOTChief Admiralty Pilot
CN ADMINCommunications & Navigation Admin
DCADMDefence Command and Army Data Model
NAADMNorth American Air Defence Modernisation
PADMRPerformance and Development Management Review
RadmRear Admiral
SSADMStructured System Analysis and Design Methodology
SSADMStructured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology
TADMICMTowed Acoustic Decoy & Magnetic Influence mine Counter-Measure
TADMICMTowed Acoustic Decoy Mine Influence Counter-Measure
VadmVice Admiral

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