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A&AEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
A&AEWAvionics And Air Electronic Warfare IPT
AAEArms Ammunition & Explosives
AAEDAdvanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAEEAeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
AEAdult Education
AEAircraft Established
AEAmmunition ship
AEAssault Echelon
AEAuthorising Engineer
AEAAircrew Equipment Assemblies
AEAAircrew Equipment Assembly
AEAAtomic Energy Authority
AEA/SRDAtomic Energy/Safety & Reliability Directorate
AEBActive Electronic Buoy
AECAir Element Co-ordinator
AECArmy Education Centre
AECArmy Education Corps
AECAssociated Equipment Company
AECAtomic Energy Commission
AECBArms Export Control Board
AECMActive Electronic Countermeasures
AECMAAssociation European des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial
AECUAdvanced Electronic Control Unit
AEDAir Engineering Department
AEDCArnold Engineering Development Centre
AEDFAsian Economic Development Fund
AEDITAircraft Engineering Development & Investigation Team
AEDSAtomic Energy Detection System
AEFAir Experience Flying
AEFSSAutomatic Explosion/Fire Sensing and Suppression system
AEGISAdvanced Engine/Gearbox Integrated System
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration Segment
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Integration System
AEIAustralian Electronics Industry Association
AELAccessible Emission Limit
AEMAviation Engineering and Maintenance
AEMIArmy Equipment Management Instruction
AEMISArmy Equipment Management Information System
AENAlternative ELINT Notation
AEOAir Electronics Officer
AEOAir Electronics Officer (Royal Air Force)
AEOAircraft Engineer Officer
AEOArmy Estates Organisation
AEOOWAssistant Engineer Officer of the Watch (in the RFA)
AEPApplication Environment Profile
AEQBAir Engineering Qualifying Board
AERApproval Early Retirement
AEREAtomic Energy Research Establishment
AERSAccess/Egress Roadway System
AESAircrew Escape and Survival (Survival Team) IPT
AESApplication Environment Specification
AESArms and Explosives Search
AESAuger Electron Spectroscopy
AESBArmy Environmental and Safety Board
AESITSAviation Equipment Support IT System
AESOPAircraft Equipment Support On-Line Packages
AESPArmy Engineering Support Publication
AESPArmy Equipment Support Publication
AETAwareness Education and Training
AETGAdvanced Electronic Technology Group
AETMSAirborne Electronic Terrain Mapping System
AEUAeromedical Evacuation Unit
AEUAirborne Electronics Unit
AEVArmoured Engineer Vehicle
AEVAssociation of External Verifiers
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEW&CAirborne Early Warning and Control
AEWTFAir-crew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility
BAEBehind Armour Effect
BAeBritish Aerospace
BAeBritish Aerospace Company
BAEEBritish Army Equipment Exhibition
BAEMMABrandt Aero-Engine Module Management Aid
CAEChief Aircraft Engineer (in DEME(A))
CAECommon Applications Environment
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAEACentral Air Equipment Authority
CAESARCentral Army Equipment Support data Analysis and Retrieval
CATFAECatapult Launched Fuel Air Explosive
CATFAECatapult-launched Fuel-Air Explosive
CLAESCryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
CNAESPCConventional Naval Armament Explosive Stores Packaging Committee
COMNAEWFCommander NATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
CSO(AE)Chief Staff Officer(Air Engineering) - the SD authorising officer in ACOS(AV)
DAENG(N)Director Aircraft Engineering
DAEPCDefence Ammunition & Explosives Packaging Committee
DAERDaily Ammunition Expenditure Rate
DES(OAE)Director Equipment & Systems (Ordnance and Armament Engineering)
DOAEDefence Operational Analysis Establishment
EUROCAEEURopean Organisation for Civil Aircraft Equipment
FAE or FAXFuel Air Explosive
FAEMFlexible Air Engagement Model
FAESHEDFuel-Air Explosive Helicopter Delivered
FOAEWFollow On Airborne Early Warning
FOAEWFuture Organic Airborne Early Warning
GAEGeneral Administrative Expenditure
GFAEGovernment-Furnished Avionics Equipment
GRAELGeneral Research into Automatic Enhancement of Lofargrams
IAEInstitute for the Advancement of Engineering
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAEMInstitute of Higher Military Studies
LAELow Altitude Extraction
MAEMean Area of Effect
MAEMean Area of Effectiveness (USAF)
MAEMilitary Air Environment
MAEMISModular Aero-Engine Management Information System
MAEOMaster Air Electronics Officer (Royal Air Force)
MAESMarine Auxiliaries Environmental and Steam systems
MAESTROManaging Assets for Equipment Support Transactions Records and
MAESTROMEEAsset Earmarking and Shortfall Recognition
MTAEMultiple Time Around Echoes
NAENuclear Accident & Emergency Arrangements
NAEDSNon-Aqueous Equipment Decontamination System
NAEWNATO Air-borne Early Warning
NAEWNATO Airborne Early Warning Force
NAEWNATO Early Warning
NAEWFNATO Air-borne Early Warning Force
PAEPower Added Efficiency
PCAEPre-Contract Award Evaluation
RAERoyal Aerospace Establishment
RNAESSRoyal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
SAEOStaff Air Engineering Officer
SEAESchool of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering
SEMC(AE)Air Engineering Systems Engineering and Management Course
SLUFAESurface Launched Unit FAE

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