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ADSAcoustic Detection System
ADSActive Dipping Sonar
ADSAdvanced Deployable Systems program (US Navy)
ADSAir Data System
ADSAirborne/Active Dipping Sonar or Air Defence System
ADSAircraft Document Set
ADSAmmunition Delivery System
ADSArchitectural Design Study
ADSAstronomical Data Services
ADSAudio Distribution System
ADSAutomatic Defence System
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS/PSAssistant Director Project Support
AdSAAMSAdvanced Surface-to-Air Missile System
ADSAFAutomatic Data System for the Army in the Field
ADSCMAdvanced Ship Communications
ADSIAir Defence Systems Integrator
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Inter-operability Agency
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSMAir Defence Suppression Missile
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSR(CD))Assistant Director Ship Refitting (Corporate Development)
ADSTAssistant Director Supply and Transport
ADSUAir Data Sensor Unit
ARCADSArmament Control and Delivery System
ARTADSArmy Tactical Data Systems
AWADSAdverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
BADSBattlefield Air Defence System
BIRADSBi-static Receiver And Display System
CADSChemical Agent Decontamination Simulant
CADSChemical Agent Detection System
CADSConcept And Design Study
CADSControlled Aerial Delivery System
CADSCushion-Augmentation Device
DADSDigital Air Data System
DADSDigital Audio Distribution System
DADSDirect Air Discharge System
DADSDirect Application De-contamination System
DIVADSDivision Air Defence Gun System
FAADSForward Area Air Defence System
GLAADSGun Low Altitude Air Defence System
HADSHelicopter Air Data System
HELTADSHigh Energy Laser Tactical Air Defence System
HTADSHelmet Target Acquisition and Designating System
IADSIceland Air Defence System
IADSIntegrated Air Defence System
IHADSSIntegrated Helmet And Display Sighting System
IPADSImproved Processing And Display System
ISADSIntegrated Strapdown Air Data System
LAADSLow Altitude Aircraft Detection System
LADSLaser Air-borne Depth Sounder
LADSLight Air Defence System
LADSLocal Area Depot System
LAPADSLightweight Acoustic Processing And Display System
LOADSLow-Altitude Air Defence System
LOFAADSLo-Altitude Forward Area Air Defence System
LOMADSLow Altitude Missile Air Defence System
MADSMilitary Advanced Disk System
MADSMPS Air Defence Simulator
MANPADSMan Portable Air Defence System
MANPADSMan-Portable Air Defence Missile Systems
MANPADSManportable Air Defence System
MEADSMedium Extended Air Defence System
NADSNational Armaments Directors
NADSNaval Air Data System
NALLADSNorwegian Army Low Level Air Defence System
NATINADSNATO Integrated Air Defence System
OADSOmnidirectional Air-Data System
ORADSOptical Ranging and Detecting Systems (US Army)
PADSPassive Advanced Sonobuoy
PADSPosition and Azimuth Determining System
PADSPosition Attack Defence System
PADsPrimary Access Device
PIVADSProduct Improve Vulcan Air Defense System (US)
SAMHADSSubmarine Automated Message Handling And Distribution System
SCADSSeaboard Containerised Air Defence System
SEPADSSonar Environment Prediction And Display System
SEPADSSonar Prediction & Display System
TADSTactical Laser and Designation System
TADSTarget Acquisition Designation Sight
TAFADSTactical Aid for Active Dipping Sonar
VSHORADSVery Short Range Air Defence System
WADSWholesale Automated Distribution System

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