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AD/ADRPAD/Airworthiness Design Requirements and Procedures in the DPA
ADRAccident Data Recorder
ADRAccord Dangerous Routier (EEC Policy on Transport)
ADRActive Decoy Round (Mk 251)
ADRAir Data Relay
ADRAir Defence Region
ADRAirfield Damage Repair
ADRAllocation Deficiency Report
ADR(LS)Assistant Director Research (Life Sciences)
ADR+Advanced Digital Radio + Bowman VHF Radio
ADRCAdvanced Defence Radar Controller
ADREF NoAdmiralty Reference Number
ADRGARC Digital Radar Graphics
ADRGARC Digitised Raster Graphics
ADROWPUAdvanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
ADRPAircraft Design Approvals Requirements & Procedure
ADRSAirfield Damage Repair Squadron (Royal Air Force)
ADRTIESAdvanced Digital Radar Imagery Exploitation System
ADRUAdvanced Defence Radar Unit
DADRDesign Authority De-commissioning Requirement
HADRHughes Air Defence Radar
NADREPsNational Armament Directors Representatives
UKADRUK Air Defence Region

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