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AADEOSAdvanced Air Defence Electro-Optical Sensor
AD/ADEAssistant Director/Armaments Documentation and Engineering
ADEAerial Delivery Equipment
ADEAeronautical Development Establishment
ADEAArmy Development and Employment Agency
ADECSAdvanced Digital Engine Control System
ADEKSAdvanced Design Electronics Key System
ADELAAtlantic Development Group for Latin America
ADELTAutomatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transponder
ADENArmament Designed Enfired
ADESMAutomatic Data Extraction from Signal Messages
ADEWSAir Defence Electronic Warfare System
ADEXAir Defence Exercise
ALADEINAssets Liabilities And Depot Equipment / Information Network
CADECombined Allied Defence Experiment
CADEComputer-Aided Design Evaluation
CADESComputer-Aided Design Evaluation System
CASCADEComputer Assistance to the Scaling and Cataloguing
DIADEMData Input and Distribution on Exchangeable Media
FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
LOADEOLoading of Explosive Ordnance
NADEECNATO Air Defence Electronic Environment Committee
NADEFCOLNATO Defence College
NADEPNaval Aviation Depot
REQADEXRequest for Small Area Air Defence Exercise
SADESolar Array Drive Electronics
SPADESearchwater Processor and Display Enhancer
SPADESouthampton (University) Program Analysis Development Environment. See
SYNADEXSynthetic Air Defence Exercise?

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