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AARADCOMArmy Armament Research and Development Command
ADCAcoustic Device Countermeasure
ADCAction Data & Control (systems)
ADCAdditional Duties Commitment (type of reserve service)
ADCAir Data Computer
ADCAir Defence Command (former USAF Command)
ADCAir Defence Commander
ADCAnalogue to Digital Converter
ADCAnalogue-to-Digital Conversion/Converter
ADCAnnual Delegate Conference
ADCArmament Directors Conference
ADCArmy Doctrine Committee
ADCAssessment and Development Centre
ADCAssistant Director Contracts
ADCAsynchronous Digital Combiner
ADC(X)Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier
ADC/WDOAction Data & Communications / Weapons Delivery & Ordnance
ADCAAdvanced Design Composite Aircraft (USAF)
ADCAPAdvanced Capabilities
ADCAPARMAdvanced Capabilities Anti-Radar Missile
ADCCAir Defence Control Centre
ADCCAir Direction Control Centre
ADCISAir Defence Communication and Information System
ADCISArmy Air Defence CIS System
ADCOMAerospace Defence Command
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profile
ADCPAssistant Director Corporate Planning
ADCSAir Data Computer System
ADCTAircraft Data Configuration Tool
ARRADCOMArmament Research and Development Command
DADCDigital Air Data Computer
ERADCOMElectronics Research and Development Command
FAADC21Forward Area Air Defence Command Control and Intelligence
IADCInter-American Defence College
MADCMiniature Air Data Computer
MERADCOMMobility Equipment Research and Development Command
MIRADCOMMissile R&D Command (US Army)
NADCNATO Air Defence Committee
TADCTactical Air Direction Common

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