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Military Acronym Tool: The Results

ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
ADAAction Data Automation
ADAAir Danger Area
ADAAir Defence Artillery
ADAAir Defended Area
ADACASW Data Analysis Acinct Centre
ADACSAirborne Digital Automatic Collection system
ADACSAlarm and Distributed Access Control System
ADADAir Defence Alerting Device
ADAIRSAir Data and Inertial Reference System
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAMSAir Defence Advanced Mobile System
ADAMSAir Defence Anti-Missile System
ADAMSAllied Deployment & Movement System
ADAPSAutomatic Data Acquisition and Processing
ADAPTAcquisition of NEC and Dabinett Programme Team IPT
ADARAirfield Damage And Repair
ADARIOAnalogue/Digital Adaptable Recorder Input/Output
ADARSAdaptive Antenna Receiver System
ADASAirborne Data Acquisition System
ADASAirfield Damage Assessment System (USAF)
ADASAuxiliary Data Annotation Set
AdatPAllied Data Publication.
ADatPAllied Data Publications
ADat-P3Automatic Data Processing (Standard)3
ADATSAir Defence Anti-Tank System
ADAUAuxiliary Data Acquisition Unit
ADAWSAction Data Automatic Weapons System
ADAWSAction Data Automation Weapon System
ADAWWAssistant Director Above Water Warfare
ADAZAir Defence Zone
ARMADASAnti-Radiation Missile Airborne Data Analysis System
CADACoordinated Air Defence Area
FADACField Artillery Digital Automatic Computer
FC radarFire Control radar
HADASHelmet Air-borne Display and Sight
LADALogical Applications and Data Architecture
LADARLaser Detection And Ranging
MADARMaintenance Analysis Detection and Recording
MadarMaintenance Analysis Detection and Recording
RADAGRadar Area Guidance
RADARSATA civilian surveillance satellite
RRADARRolls-Royce and Associates Defect Analysis Report
SADASearch and Destroy Armour
SADAStandard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SADARMSearch And Destroy Armour
SADARMSeek and Destroy Armour

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