How To Find A WW2 Service Number

This article will help you to easily identify a WW2 service number and how to see what regiment or corps they served in.

A Quick Guide To Understanding Service Numbers

Every soldier is issued with a service number.

A service number helps to identify an individual person and can be the link between them and their qualifications, previous postings, medical records and much more.

If your relative served in the military during WW2 and you’re not sure how to find a WW2 service number, it might be quite a task to find their service number.

Fortunately, you can search the National Archives if you know their surname and when they served.

If that doesn’t work, check certificates, documentation and their Army Book 64 if you have it.

Army Book 64 - WW2

WW2 Service Number Lookup

During World War 2, a service number was issued at a regimental level.

This helps us to use the table below to determine the regiment they served in at the time of being issued their military service number in WW2.

The data below explains which corps or regiment a person would have first joined to be issued their service number.

Please note: If a soldier transferred to a different regiment or corps, their military service number would remain the same.

This section is for WW2 service numbers, please ensure to check our British Army Service Numbers section for a complete list.

Service NumbersRegiment/Corps
1 to 294,000Royal Army Service Corps
294,001 to 304,000The Life Guards
304,001 to 309,000Royal Horse Guards
309,001 to 721,000Cavalry of the Line
721,001 to 1,842,000Royal Artillery
1,842,001 to 2,303,000Royal Engineers
2,303,001 to 2,604,000Royal Corps of Signals
2,604,001 to 1,646,000Grenadier Guards
2,646,001 to 2,688,000Coldstream Guards
2,688,001 to 2,714,000Scots Guards
2,714,001 to 2,730,000Irish Guards
2,730,001 to 2,744,000Welsh Guards
2,744,001 to 2,809,000The Black Watch
2,809,001 to 2,865,000The Seaforth Highlanders
2,865,001 to 2,921,000The Gordon Highlanders
2,921,001 to 2,966,000The Cameron Highlanders
2,966,001 to 3,044,000The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
3,044,001 to 3,122,000The Royal Scots
3,122,001 to 3,178,000The Royal Scot Fusiliers
3,178,001 to 3,233,000The King’s Own Scottish Borderers
3,233,001 to 3,299,000The Cameronians
3,299,001 to 3,377,000The Highland Light Infantry
3,377,001 to 3,433,000The East Lancashire Regiment
3,433,001 to 3,511,000The Lancashire Fusiliers
3,511,001 to 3,589,000The Manchester Regiment
3,589,001 to 3,644,000The Border Regiment
3,644,001 to 3,701,000The Prince of Wales’s Volunteers
3,701,001 to 3,757,000The King’s Own Royal Regiment
3,757,001 to 3,846,000The King’s Regiment
3,846,001 to 3,902,000The Loyal Regiment
3,902,001 to 3,947,000The South Wales Borderers
3,947,001 to 4,025,000The Welch Regiments
4,025,001 to 4,070,000The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
4,070,001 to 4,103,000The Monmouthshire Regiment
4,103,001 to 4,114,000The Herefordshire Regiment
4,114,001 to 4,178,000The Cheshire Regiment
4,178,001 to 4,256,000The Royal Welch Fusiliers
4,256,001 to 4,334,000The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
4,334,001 to 4,379,000The East Yorkshire Regiment
4,379,001 to 4,435,000The Green Howards
4,435,001 to 4,523,000The Durham Light Infantry
4,523,001 to 4,601,000The West Yorkshire Regiment
4,601,001 to 4,680,000The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment
4,680,001 to 4,736,000The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
4,736,001 to 4,792,000The York and Lancaster Regiment
4,736,001 to 4,792,000The Lincolnshire Regiment
4,848,001 to 4,904,000The Leicestershire Regiment
4,904,001 to 4,960,000The South Staffordshire Regiment
4,960,001 to 5,038,000The Sherwood Foresters
5,038,001 to 5,094,000The North Staffordshire Regiment
5,094,001 to 5,172,000The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
5,172,001 to 5,239,000The Gloucestershire Regiment
5,172,001 to 5,239,000The Worcestershire Regiment
5,328,001 to 5,373,000The Royal Berkshire Regiment.
5,373,001 to 5,429,000The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
5,429,001 to 5,485,000The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
5,485,001 to 5,562,000The Hampshire Regiment
5,562,001 to 5,608,000The Wiltshire Regiment
5,608,001 to 5,662,000The Devonshire Regiment
5,662,001 to 5,718,000The Somerset Light Infantry
5,718,001 to 5,763,000The Dorsetshire Regiment
5,763,001 to 5,819,000The Royal Norfolk Regiment
5,819,001 to 5,875,000The Suffolk Regiment
5,875,001 to 5,931,000The Northamptonshire Regiment
5,931,001 to 5,942,000The Cambridgeshire Regiment
5,942,001 to 5,998,000The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
5,998,001 to 6,076,000The Essex Regiment
6,076,001 to 6,132,000The Queen’s Royal Regiment
6,132,001 to 6,188,000The East Surrey Regiment
6,188,001 to 6,278,000The Middlesex Regiment
6,278,001 to 6,334,000The Buffs
6,334,001 to 6,390,000The Royal West Kent Regiment
6,390,001 to 6,446,000The Royal Sussex Regiment
6,446,001 to 6,515,000The Royal Fusiliers
6,802,501 to 6,814,000The Inns of Court Regiment
6,825,001 to 6,837,000Honourable Artillery Company (Infantry)
6,837,001 to 6,905,000The King’s Royal Rifle Corps
6,905,001 to 6,972,000The Rifle Brigade
6,972,001 to 7,006,000The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
7,006,001 to 7,040,000The Royal Ulster Rifles
7,040,001 to 7,075,000The Royal Irish Fusiliers
7,075,001 to 7,109,000Royal Dublin Fusiliers
7,109,001 to 7,143,000Royal Irish Regiment
7,143,001 to 7,177,000Connaught Rangers
7,177,001 to 7,211,000Leinster Regiment
7,211,001 to 7,245,000Royal Munster Fusiliers
7,245,001 to 7,536,000Royal Army Medical Corps
7,536,001 to 7,539,000The Army Dental Corps
7,539,001 to 7,560,000Royal Guernsey Militia and Royal Alderney Artillery Militia
7,560,001 to 7,574,000Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey
7,574,001 to 7,657,000Royal Army Ordnance Corps
7,657,001 to 7,681,000Royal Army Pay Corps
7,681,001 to 7,717,000Corps of Military Police
7,717,001 to 7,718,800Military Provost Staff Corps
7,718,801 to 7,720,400Small Arms School Corps
7,720,401 to 7,732,400Army Educational Corps
7,732,401 to 7,733,000Band of the Royal Military College
7,733,001 to 7,757,000Corps of Military Accountants
7,757,001 to 7,807,000Royal Army Veterinary Corps
7,807,001 to 7,868,000Machine Gun Corps
7,868,001 to 7,891,868Royal Tank Regiment
7,891,869 to 8,230,000Royal Armoured Corps
10,000,001 to 10,350,000Militia
14,000,000 +General Service Corps
W/1 – W/500,000The Auxiliary Territorial Service


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