British Army Second Lieutenant

This page explains what a Second Lieutenant is the British Army is.

What Is A Second Lieutenant In The British Army?

A Second Lieutenant is a Commissioned Officer within the British Army and is the lowest Officer Rank one can acquire but is a rank higher than WO1.

The rank of Second Lieutenant is used within the British Army and Royal Marines and is not used by the Royal Air Force or Royal Navy.

New British Army officers are normally commissioned as second lieutenants at the end of their commissioning course at RMA Sandhurst, and continue with specific training with their units.

After training is complete, they are responsible for leading up to 30 soldiers in a platoon or troop, both in training and on operations.

British Army Second Lieutenant Insignia

The Insignia For A Second Lieutenant

This is the rank held on commissioning from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The rank slide of a Second Lieutenant consists of one pip (no crown).

A Second Lieutenant will typically hold this rank for a year until they progress to the rank of Lieutenant.

In the British armed forces, second lieutenant is a rank which is not used as a form of address.

Frequently Asked Questions: Second Lieutenant

What NATO Code Is A Second Lieutenant?

A Second Lieutenant has a NATO rank code of OF-1.

Do You Salute A Second Lieutenant?

Yes, a Second Lieutenant is a Commissioned Officer and Other Ranks should salute the person in that position.

How Much Does A Second Lieutenant Earn?

The salary of a Second Lieutenant changes each year (around April time) but the starting wage right now is £27k per year.

british army Second Lieutenant

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