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This page explains what a Private is the British Army is.

What Is A Private In The British Army?

A Private is the first rank that every soldier will start with in the British Army.

A Private will also have the title of Trooper, Gunner, Signaller, Sapper, Guardsman, Rifleman or even Kingsman depending on the Corps or Regiment in which they are serving.

The rank of private bears no weight amongst any other rank however more experienced Privates will be given additional responsibilities.

For example, a Private within the Vehicle Support Specialist (RLC) Trade will have much more responsibility compared to a Class 3 V.S.S.

The Insignia For A Private

The British Army does not use an insignia for a Private.

A more common name for “Private” in the British Army is “Tom”.

Frequently Asked Questions: Private

What NATO Code Is A Private?

A Private has a NATO rank code of OR-1.

Do You Salute A Private?

No, a Private does not hold a commission and there are no ranks lower than a Private.

How Much Does A Private Earn?

The salary of a Private changes each year (around April time) but the starting wage right now is £20k per year.

british army Private

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