British Army Lt Colonel

This page explains what a Lt Colonel is the British Army is.

What Is A Lt Colonel In The British Army?

A Lt Colonel is a Commissioned Officer within the British Army and is a rank higher than Major.

The rank of Lt Colonel is used within the British Army and Royal Marines and is not used by the Royal Air Force or Royal Navy.

A Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army is usually a two-year appointment and is typically responsible for up to 650 soldiers, containing four or five sub-units – known as the Commanding Officer.

They are responsible for the overall operational effectiveness of their unit in terms of military capability, welfare and general discipline.

Lt Colonel Insignia

The Insignia For A Lt Colonel

The rank slide of a Lt Colonel consists of a crown and one pip.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lt Colonel

What NATO Code Is A Lt Colonel?

A Lt Colonel has a NATO rank code of OF-4.

Do You Salute A Lt Colonel?

Yes, a Lt Colonel is a Commissioned Officer and Other Ranks should salute the person in that position.

How Much Does A Lt Colonel Earn?

The salary of a Lt Colonel changes each year (around April time) but the starting wage right now is £75k per year.

british army Lt Colonel

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