Converting 05:00hrs Military Time

This page shows you how to convert the military time of 05:00hrs


Understanding 05:00hrs As Military Time

Military timing is an effective way to instruct others of a time without the chance of causing confusion.

It's a way to explain the time without the risk of any misunderstanding.

For example, after reading this page, if I said to you "be at the armoury for 05:45hrs" you'll know instantly to be there at 05:45AM

How To Read 05:00hrs Military Time

The most important part of the 24 hour clock is to know whether we're talking about AM or PM.

When people say things like "military time", don't get flustered and just try to imagine the 24 hour clock in your head.

Quick Tips To Help You Learn Military Time

The first thing you need to realise is that military time is just a 24 hour clock.

The first two (2) digits depict the hours and the last two (2) digits depict the minutes.

Next Step

The basic rule to converting from military time to the 12 hour format is as follows:

  • Military Time Range: 00:00hrs - 11:59hrs = AM
  • Military Time Range: 12:00hrs - 23:59hrs = PM

Basically, if the first two digits are under 12 then it's AM and if it's over 12 then it's PM.

So What Time Is 05:00hrs On An Analogue Clock

05:00 Hours Military Time Showing On An Analogue Clock

05:00hrs As Shown On An Analogue Clock (12-Hour Format)

Following on from the previous section, you should now be able to work out how to convert 05:00hrs Military Time.

If you're still struggling, see the example below:

Military TimingConversionAM or PM

As you can see from the table above that the first 2 digits (hours) remains the same throughout the hour.

Military Timing: FAQ

How Do I Say 05:00hrs Military Time?

In the UK, we would say "Zero Five Hundred Hours".

What Is 05:00AM In Military Time?

After reading this guide, you should be able to work out that 05:00AM is the same as 05:00hrs.

Is 05:00hrs AM or PM?

By now you should be able to work out the difference between AM and PM but just in case you haven't; 05:00hrs is AM.

Remember the following rules from before:

  • Military Time Range: 00:00hrs - 11:59hrs = AM
  • Military Time Range: 12:00hrs - 23:59hrs = PM

What Comes Before 05:00hrs?


What Comes After 05:00hrs?


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