What Is Force Wear?

Force Wear is one of those rare gems you come across once in a blue moon.

They are an online clothing business that’s targeted towards the military community which includes serving personnel and Veterans.

Their product line consists of clothing that’s bang on the money for any Veteran and it definitely fits the needs of the many, not just the few.

Just by spending a few minutes on Force Wear you can end up with a beanie hat, gym-shirt and a soft-shell jacket in your cart simply because they look ally.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a physical store so if you’re looking to “try before you buy”, you’re out of luck. Don’t let that stop you from shopping there though. They have a fair and open 30 day returns policy which is great for a veteran owned clothing company in the UK.

Force Wear is a member of the Armed Forces Covenant and they support a lot of their charities and groups that include:

  • Combat Stress
  • Royal British Legion
  • PTSD Resolution
  • Warriors RV
  • Pilgrim Bandits

The History Of Force Wear

Incorporated way back in 2014, Force Wear consists of 2 military Veterans, one that served in the British Army and the other founder was a Royal Marines Commando.

Throughout the past few years, they’ve built a highly successful veteran clothing business from the ground up.
They always have the full support of the Veteran community and are very popular amongst serving personnel.

Clothing Range & Branding

Clearly, the design team over at Force Wear has a keen eye for detail and their marketing team knows exactly how to target their audience.

Every newsletter or product release that comes into my inbox from them has me having to stop myself from having an impulse buy.

ZRO FKS GVN Clothing Range

Their ZRO FKS GVN range is by for my absolute favourite because it reflects everything about me as a Veteran and there’s just something special about how the two flashes on either side go so well on the arms.

ZRO FKS GVN Force Wear

The quality of the clothing that Force Wear produces is second to none. I own t-shirts that are still perfect for the gym even after 100’s of washes. The quality of the material is shockingly good.

Warriors RV Hat

Warriors RV Clothing Range

This one is close to my heart.

Warriors RV is a private group for ex-forces personnel that comes together, helps veterans find work, accommodation and helps those that are down and out.

They’ve built a strong brand that is recognised by tens of thousands of veterans throughout the UK.

This Warriors RV hat is my all-time favourite and it is worn pretty much every day. The camo pattern is quite unique for a cap that makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

Ease Of Use

Their website is extremely easy to use.

You can create an account on the website, view previous orders and the payment gateway is easy.

The product pages are clear and product reviews are also accessible.

Force Wear product page


In short, Force Wear is definitely a company you should check out if you’re into veteran owned clothing brands. They have a unique range of gym wear, hoodies and headwear and you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you will like.

They have a website and have also developed an app that you should check out too.