Picture this… It’s over 40 degrees and you’re stood inside a sanger counting down the minutes until your replacement comes up.

Anyone who’s been on guard knows exactly what it’s like.

You have no one to talk to and all of your thoughts are uninterrupted. Running through your head until you’re relieved from your duties.

For Dan from Bravo Company Coffee, his thoughts were about setting up and running his own business and it really paid off for him in the long run.

In a recent interview, Dan told Daysack Media that he’d always wanted to be his own boss.

He was stood in a sanger thinking about how awesome life would be if he was able to make the decisions that dictated the direction he wanted to go in.

Something like that takes guts.

Anyone who has ever set up their own business knows the risks. There’s even a Sub-Reddit dedicated to people nervous in starting up their own business.

The Start Of A Coffee Empire

military coffee companyThere are plenty of hurdles when starting your own business.

In order for Bravo Company Coffee to get set up, Dan had to really put the work in and start looking for the following:

  • Suppliers
  • Product Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Equipment
  • Website Design
  • Marketing

That’s just a start of what Bravo Company Coffee had to focus on, not including any legalities required when setting up a business.

Luckily, Dan had this covered.

He soon set the business up straight after his tour had completed.

Self funded and using all his tour savings – Dan admits he was petrified about taking a load out to fund the business and the risk of failure weighed on his shoulders.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be worried about that? Building a Veteran owned coffee company from the ground up is a difficult task for anyone.

Building The Business

Dan used his smarts to find the best suppliers for his product and told us it took roughly 4 months.

That’s 16 weeks of samples, testing and going back and forth with suppliers!

Once the right suppliers were found, the company needed a website.

With no experience in website design, Dan built the Bravo Company Coffee site himself telling us it was mainly built late at night.

Moving On To Social Media

A fully functioning website at the ready, BCC was ready to take orders.

Instagram and Facebook are great ways to bring in new customers using social media marketing but Dan new he had to build a memorable reputation that would bring in repeat customers.

He had a great product and people were now coming back for more.

This Veteran coffee business was really starting to take form and with a recognisable brand, they started to reach more people through word of mouth alone.

The Ultimate Celebrity Profile

veteran coffeeBack in October 2019, Bravo Company Coffee managed to pull off something incredible.

Tom Hardy, one of the biggest actors in the world represented their brand.

From a business perspective this is a huge feat and BCC would be the envy of most Veteran businesses.

One of the guys in our team had worked with Tom in the past, literally it was one of those out the blue ideas of let’s contact him and see if hes keen to try our products, one of the best ideas.

Tom was recently seen wearing their merchandise again in @richmondbarbers which just goes to show what a power brand Dan and his team have built.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Bravo Company Coffee, follow their Instagram account or check out their Instagram to order from one of the most renowned military coffee companies in the UK.


In short, Dan Davids has successfully built a reputable brand using a self-taught form of digital marketing. The business is now established within the Veteran community and they are making impressive waves throughout the Veteran coffee industry.

They’ve managed to impress celebrities, customers and fellow Veterans. I think it’s safe to say that Veteran businesses like Bravo Company Coffee are an inspiration to budding Veteran entrepreneurs and they should be proud.

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