Stonehouse 31

A Veteran Owned Business Specialising In Providing On-Demand Guard Services, Drone Security and Aerial Surveys

Stonehouse 31 is a security company that is ran by two ex-forces personnel called Wayne and Darren.

Wayne is an ex-Royal Marine with a wealth of experience behind him and Darren is ex-RLC with a vast comprehension of core knowledge that’s vital to the security sector.

During the 2020 lockdown, Wayne and Darren joined forces to create Stonehouse 31 – a security company that is able to offer “military-grade” security services to the public and private sectors.

What Stonehouse 31 Offers

As a veteran owned security company, Stonehouse 31 is capable of providing short-notice security to businesses in the UK within just 2 hours.

Their military background and connections helps pivot customer requirements into exceeding their expectations.

In fact, nearly everyone they employ is ex-military, fully trained and fully qualified for the role required.

They are experts within their field and provide the following services to their clients:

Final Summary

If your business is in need of some extra security, CCTV monitoring or if you require any services that require a drone – then help out another veteran owned business and check out Stonehouse 31 today.

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Stonehouse 31

Stonehouse 31 - Security Company

Location: Nationwide

POC: Wayne Gordon

Years Of Service: 12 Years

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