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Nick Haley: Ex-Irish Guards, Ex-Royal Signals And Now Conquering The IT Solutions Industry

Nick Haley is the founder of Little Big Tech.

Little Big Tech is an IT solutions provider for businesses of any size and over the years has grown into a strong veteran owned business.

Nick began his military career at the age of 17 where he joined the Irish Guards. Over the course of 12 years, Nick carried out public duties including trooping the colour and an operational tour in Kosovo. He then transferred over to the Royal Signals in 2001 to become a Communications Systems Engineer.

Nick spent the next 6 years gaining trade skills and qualifications through his decision to re-trade and then carried out an operational tour of Afghanistan in 2007.

At 29, Nick had enough experience and decided to venture out into civvie street.

Building Experience On Civvie Street

The next part of Nick’s career is very impressive. After leaving the military, he began working as a junior engineer for for an IT company. Through his skills, confidence and expertise, Nick soon became a senior engineer.

Nick then moved onto to work at Just Eat where he ended up running IT infrastructure on a global scale and then stepped up even further to work on a similar role at M&, before starting a consulting career.

The consulting paid me good money and I had a nice life, but I really wanted to build something, and I was growing tired of how slow change is in a large organisation, I craved the fast-paced start-up environment I had experienced at Just Eat. So I decided to start an IT company supporting smaller businesses.

Utilising His Experience

Nick’s goal for Little Big Tech was to build a company the he would like to work in. A company where staff are empowered, ideas are heard and there is a high level of trust throughout the entire business and it’s chain of command.

If he could achieve this, then customer satisfaction would be easy to attain.

Through his military and civilian experience, Nick built Little Big Tech from the ground up and now provides fully outsourced IT services to the MSE market. No matter how big or small, they offer everything from physical installations, Microsoft365 licenses and management all the way to cyber security.

They help start-ups launch, grow and scale and have become a big player within the IT industry.

A Podcast For Entrepreneurial Veterans

Recently, Nick launched a podcast for entrepreneurial veterans called Little Big Vets.

It’s available on all the big platforms and we believe that it’s a fantastic offering for ex-forces to listen to.

It provides genuinely good value to the veterans who want to go at it on their own by sharing other people’s stories.

He’s always looking for veteran entrepreneurs with a good story to tell so if you think you’re a contender, email

Our favourite podcast so far is the second podcast they launched with Ben Legg as he goes through his military career to then working for big companies and essentially wrote the handbook for Google’s monetisation methods. An absolute blast for anyone interested in marketing and engineering.

Here it is on YouTube:

Final Words

I am a big believer in networking, and through networking, I met some amazing veteran entrepreneurs and realised that people don’t hear too much of these good news stories about veterans, so I took it upon myself to get their stories out there, via a podcast. Fortunately one of my customers is a podcast production company (The Podcast Guys) and they really helped me deliver something I am genuinely proud of.

You can listen to or subscribe to Little Big Vets through one of these platforms:

YouTube | Spotify | Apple

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Little Big Tech

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Years Of Service: 12 Years

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