UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

WTMSWarehouse and Transport Management System
WTMSWarehouse and Transportation Management System
WTOWorld Trade Organisation
WTSVWatertight Slide Valve
WUDDWeapon Upkeep Disclosure Document
WUPWeapon Upkeep Plan
WWCCSWorld Wide Control and Communication System
WWFNWorld Wide Fund for Nature
WWGWeapon Working Group
WWMCCSWorld Wide Military Command and Control System
WWWWorld Wide Web
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
X.121The numbering scheme for Packet Switched Service
X.21ITU protocol standard
X.25ITU interface standard for terminals operating in the packet mode
X.29ITU standard of procedures for the exchange of Control and Data information
X.3ITU standard for Packet Assembly/disassembly (PAD) facility
X.400International Standard for message handling systems
X.500International Standard for Directory Services
X1WOMAA who works for SXO
X2/BDXNBCDX2/Battle Damage Exercise
XBExecutive Board (as in DPA)
XBSeXternal Breathing System
XBTeXpendable Bathy Thermography
XBTeXpendable BathyThermograph
XDExecutive Director (as in DPA)
XMIXML Metadata Interchange
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMLExtensible Mark-up Language
XOExecutive Officer
XOTeXpendable Optical Temperature/Depth
XPeXchange Point
XSVeXpendable Sound Velocimeter
XTM or XOTMXOs Temporary Memorandum
X-WindowsA Graphical User Interface standard
Y of SYeoman of Signals
Y2KYear 2000 (Millennium Bug)
YARDYarrows Admiralty Research & Development.
ydYard (UK unit of measurement)
YOYoung Officer (under training)
YOFBYoung Officers Fleet Board
YPGYuma Proving Ground
YSMYard Services Manager
ZEUSHarrier GR5/7 Mission Planning Aid?
ZMCZone Military Commander
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