UK Military Acronyms

An up-to-date database of all known acronyms used by the UK military.

The Complete MOD Abbreviation Database

We have a complete list of over 21,000 acronyms used by the Ministry of Defence.

The abbreviations listed below are used by all brances of the Military in the UK.

WLCSGWhole Life Cost Steering Group
WLHRWeapon Launch & Handling Rig
WLRWeapon Locating Radar
WMWeapons Management
WMWorkstream Manager
WMCWeapon Maintenance Condition
WMDWeapon of Mass Destruction
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
WMFWindows Meta File
WMIWider Markets Initiative
WMOWeapon Maintenance Officer (RFA)
WMPWith Much Pleasure (affirmative reply to an RPC)
WMRWar Maintenance Reserve
WMRVWheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle
WMSWarehouse Management System
WMSWeapons Multi block Euler Code
WngCdr Wing Commander
WOWarrant Officer
WO(U)Warrant Officer (Upkeep)
WOCWeather & Oceanographic Centre
WOCWork Order Control
WOCAWO Catering Accountant
WOCYWarrant Officer Communications Yeoman
WOCYWO Chief Yeoman
WORMWrite Once Read Many
WORSWO Radio Supervisor
WOSAWindows Open Systems Architecture
WOSAWO Stores Accountant
WOTSACWhen Old Type Spares are Consumed
WOWWeight On Wheels
WOWE(RFA)WO Weapons Engineering (RFA)
WPWarsaw Pact
WPWater Point
WPWeapons Processor
WPWhite Phosphorous
WPWork Proposal
WPAFBWright-Patterson Air Force Base
WPDWarship Planning Document
WPDWarship Policy Document
WPIWavell Processor Installation
WPMWarship Project Manager
WPMWords Per Minute
WPMWork Package Management
WPPWeekly Practice Programme
WPPWorks Project Programme
WPTWeapons Procedure Trainer
WPWSRWorking Party on War Stocks & Reserves
WRWar Reserve
WR HALL PORTWardroom Hall Porter
WR OPVWarrior Observation Post Vehicle
WRA91Water Resources Act 1991
WRAMAsset management information for helicopter engines
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management
WRAMWork Recording and Asset Management system
WRAPWaste Resources Action Programme
WRCWorld Radio communications Conference
WRNSWomens Royal Naval Service
WRPCWeapon Repair Policy Code
wrtwith regard to
WSWeapon System
WSWeapons Systems
WS3Weapons Secure Survivable Storage
WSAWarship Support Agency
WSBWeapon Section Base
WSCWeapon Safety Committee
WSCWeapon Stowage Compartment
WSCWeapon System Coordination or Wargaming and Simulation Centre
WSCWhole Ship Coordinator (MM in RN)
WSCTDSWeapon System Coordination Technology Demonstrator
WSDEMWeapon System Design Effectiveness Model
WSEAFWeapons Systems Effectiveness Analysis Facility
WSERWeapon System Effectiveness Report
WSLWhole Ship Life
WSMWater Space Management
WSMWeapon System Manager
WSMWeapon System Model
WSMWork Service Manager
WSMWork Services Manager
WSMWorks Service Manager
WSMRWhite Sands Missile Range
WSOWashington Standardisation Officer
WSOWeapon Section Officer
WSOWeapons System Operator
WSPWarship Support Plan
WSPWhole Ship Procurement
WSPWorks Scrutiny Panel
WSPSWire Strike Protection System
WSSWeapons System Specification
WSSWeapons Systems Sector
WSSWindmill Signal Station
WSSWindows Sharepoint Services
WSSWorkshop Support Services
WSSSWideband Secure Speech System
WSTGWeapon Systems Tuning Group
WSUWeapon System Upgrade
WSWSBWhole Ship Watch & Station Bill
WTWireless Telegraphy
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