This page is dedicated to providing up-to-date resources for Army, Navy, Royal Marines, RAF personnel and Veterans.

Military Allowances

This section links to resources based around Longer Separation Allowance (LSA), Get You Home Pay and many other entitlements.

  1. LSA Calculator
  2. GYH Calculator
  3. Disturbance Allowance
  4. HTD Travel Calculator
  5. Civilian Clothing Allowance
  6. Unpleasant Work Allowance

Veteran Aide

This section is designed for Veterans looking to find certain resources such as ID cards, rail cards etc.

  1. How To Apply For A Veteran ID Card
  2. Buying A Veterans Railcard
  3. Applying For UK Service Records
  4. Ex-Forces Right To Buy Scheme

Military Information

This section contains resources useful for those looking to expand their knowledge on certain aspects of the MOD.

  1. UK Military Acronyms
  2. British Army Service Numbers From 1950

Military Forums

These days forums are on the decline.

Army, Navy, RAF and Royal Marines personnel need somewhere to ask questions, find others and to have a bit of banter.

This section is dedicated to only the best military and veteran communities.

  1. Warriors RV Forum

    Warriors RV is a Facebook group ran by a team of ex-forces and boasts over 12,000 members.
    This group is perfect for Veterans looking for work, shelter or a helping hand. They also have some amazing merchandise made by Force Wear.

  2. Arrse

    A fan-favourite forum for serving and veteran personnel – Arrse has been a solid platform for years. It does seem to be have more dedicated forum members however you shouldn’t be worried about engaging with them.

  3. r/BritishMilitary

    If you’re a Reddit user then this sub is the best place for you. A great range of users to answer questions, help others and the occasional meme will come through the sub.