Virtual Landline Numbers.

A way to track and monitor business calls, diverted to your mobile or landline.

How Does A Virtual Number Work?

Quite simply, we set you up with a telephone number that can be geographical (02380, 01922 etc) or national numbers (0800, 0333 etc).

When these numbers are called, they then divert to your landline or mobile phone.

The person calling is unaware that the number is “virtual” – giving a more professional approach to your brand.

A virtual number can be diverted, pointed to multiple numbers or turned off at specific times of the day making them extremely flexible options.

Virtual landline Southampton

Why Use A Virtual Number?

A virtual number has many benefits when running a business.

Aside from being a cheap alternative to renting an office landline, virtual numbers can help you by doing the following:

– Track Marketing Efforts

The beauty of having a virtual landline is that you can track your calls on a daily basis.

This way, you’re able to advertise multiple numbers through different forms of marketing and track their performances.

You could have several different numbers being advertised and then review each campaigns performance regularly.

– A Stronger Connection To Local Communities

Having a virtual landline is perfect for local marketing campaigns.

You’re able to present a local landline number to local areas allowing your business to reach other areas.

Why is this important? Ask yourself this: Would you hire a company that was two towns away or in another county?

It’s a tried and tested method for local SEO that has worked for years with companies like before their printed services died out.

– No Physical Installation Required

It takes minutes to order your virtual number and just an hour or two to set it up our end.

There really is no-fuss when setting up a geographical or national landline number.

Nothing gets installed and it’s often a much cheaper alternative to having a business landline.

If you’re interested in setting up a virtual number then please get in touch and we can discuss the best options that will suit you.