This is our first ever blog post on Daysack Media!

To celebrate the start of something beautiful and to build a relationship with the Veteran community we decided to go big instead of going home.

What’s The Plan?

We want to run a survey for the next 4 weeks that’s aimed at Veterans within the UK:

  1. See what data we can extract that can help Veterans
  2. Use the data to send to MP’s, local councils or charities
  3. Use the data to create material that can spread awareness

We want to find out things like “how long did the average veteran serve?” or “how the average veteran left the forces“.

When we release the data, you will be able to correlate all sorts of information such as:

  • Those that planned to leave the forces
  • How many people had savings before leaving
  • The difficulty of finding work
  • Those seeking support for PTSD, depression or anxiety

We’re trying to cover a lot of subjects in this one survey but we will get enough information that businesses, MP’s and hopefully the MOD can use in the future to better the care for veterans.

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How To Complete The Survey…

Just follow this link to complete the survey, it’s really that easy. The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete and it’s completely anonymous so you’re completely safe to answer any question how you see fit.

Just make sure to sign up to the newsletter to receive the results of the survey. We’re will be going through the data with a fine tooth-comb so make sure you’re subscribed within the next few weeks.

The data will be available to everyone so it can be used in the future to aide veterans, charities or causes.

You can spread the word about this article by copying the URL, sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other Social media outlets.

If all goes well, we will be publishing surveys every couple of months and collaborating with Veteran businesses, charities and local MP’s to really spread the word.

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9 months ago

This is a fantastic idea. Exactly what the veteran community needs.

9 months ago

I’ll share this with a few veterans I keep in touch with

Paul Speak
Paul Speak
9 months ago

I served for 27 years in the TA only, some of the questions in the survey don’t quite fit my experiences. I haven’t completed the survey, because i think that my “best fit” answers might skew the results eg questions about finding employment (I had a civvi job right through my career), savings (didn’t need them – well, didn’t think so at the time!).

Jacqui Nicholson
9 months ago

Hi can you email the questions so I can gauge if it’s suitable to share with the 900 veterans we support @Finchale.