If you’re a Veteran that’s looking to earn a second revenue stream, build your own business from scratch or just looking for something extra to do, then this article is perfect for you.

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These business ideas shouldn’t cost you anything but your time. No investments, zero risk and they have worked for thousands of people over the last few years and can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Create Niche Social Media Accounts And Sell Ads

This is the world we live in now. We’ve hit a point where people genuinely make money from selling adverts on their social media profiles.

Find a niche, make a page and get likes or follows. It really is that simple and pretty soon you can starting making money from publishing videos or posts.

All you need to do is to watch the news, find interesting information or have a look through Reddit for some interesting facts and create content around that. Your content could be a 3 – 5 minute video based on a subject people have strong opinions about which then generates debate. Sooner or later, your content will get your page likes or follows which then become valuable sources of income.

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Create Informational YouTube Videos

If you have kids then you know just how annoying YouTube can be. Your children are sat at home just watching other kids playing with toys that they already have in their bedroom. It’s a mystery that most parents can’t fathom.

Well, the parents publishing these videos are making a ridiculous amount of money. They’re earning anywhere from £500 – £10,000 per video from ad revenue and sponsorship’s. You can even check out how much money someone makes on Youtube to see what I mean.

There are so many ways for you to get in on the action.

Your YoutTube channel can honestly be about anything. Reaction videos, ranting about something, product reviews or anything else you can think of.

For informational videos you need to find something you’re an SME about. For example, let’s say you were a Vehicle Support Specialist and spent 20+ years driving every MOD vehicle known to man, woman and child. You’ll have a special insight that many other YouTubers do not. It’s pretty easy to relay information from Wikipedia and put it into a video but with your own knowledge and experiences with a vehicle are much more valuable than your competition.

If you’re not an SME about something, you can always try stop-motion, animation or just reviewing products and build a following around that.

Give it time and you will eventually pick up views and subscribers which will turn into sponsorship’s and ad revenue.

Become A Freelancer Using Your Skills

If you have a skill set that you know you’re good at or are qualified in then becoming a freelancer might be perfect for you.

Freelancing is fantastic because you can do this even when you’re unemployed, working part time or even full time.

Whether you’re a plumber, garden landscaper, electrician, mechanic or a web designer, all of these trades can be done as a freelancer and can be profitable.

One of the biggest issues when leaving the military and seeking employment is that employers need experience behind your qualifications. Your enhanced leaning credits might have got you some Gucci qualifications but they might not land you that dream job due to lack of experience.

This is where freelancing comes into play.

Post your services on Facebook groups, email or text friends and family and get the word out that you’re available for hire.

Speaking to friends and family can often be a great platform to use because they will almost always help you out through word of mouth.

I began a business 3 years ago from scratch that was based around digital marketing. I knew a few local business owners that drank in my local and approached them. I offered my services for a cheap rate that would guarantee in getting myself a client. Their marketing campaigns were so successful that they recommended me to anyone with a business. I ended up with 12 clients that still use me whenever they can from that experience.

Over time, you can build up your reputation by being recommended through word of mouth and eventually have your own client base.

Pick Up Free Stuff Online And Sell It

A simple, effective business model that shouldn’t have any need for an investment.

Use Facebook and Freecycle to find items that being given away for free.

You can then sell those items on other platforms or at car boots.

As a hobby, I collect old, rusted chimneas for free and restore them to their former glory. The only costs are the materials to restore them and I can get anywhere between £25 – £100 depending on the quality of the product.

Other people give away boxes of clothes, books and toys which can each fetch a pretty penny later on. Before you know it, you’ll be renting out a storage unit filled to the brim of profit making products.

Write eBooks And Publish On Kindle

Anyone with a keyboard can now publish their works online. Become an SME around a topic and write away.

A great method to get a popular book released is to see what other publishers in your niche are writing about. Then ask yourself a bunch of questions and if none of their material answers those questions, you’ve just come up with your new book.

Find something that people need and develop content around that. Read articles from blogs covering your topic and see what’s popular and include your own expertise around that.

If your eBook picks up enough traction it might even be picked up by a genuine publisher.

Train Students Younger Than You

Another simple business with no capital investment.

Can you play the piano? Can you use Google Analytics? Can you speak another language? All of these skills and more can be taught to others without the need for a license and you won’t need to be accredited.

If your knowledge is good enough to pass down to others then people will be willing to pay you for that knowledge.

Make An Online Course And Publish On Udemy

This is an option for next level experts who know exactly what they’re talking about.

Udemy offers SME’s a chance to record lessons, piece them together and create lesson plans and content. Students then sign up to your course and you make a tidy profit per student.

Your course can cover pretty much anything and the amount of work involved is minimal.

I once paid £35 for a “top level SEO course” ran by a guy who is well known within the digital marketing industry. The course consisted of five 10 minute videos and had lesson plans underneath each video. It was absolutely nothing special but I paid for it to further increase my knowledge around SEO. No matter what, there’s always someone out there willing to spend money on stuff like this.

I’m not sure how many people had purchased the course before me but I remember thinking “what a great business model”. He never has to attend an actual course because he had just filmed himself talking about something he is already an expert in.

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